After a lot of deliberation and planning, hubby and I have decided that it would be in our family’s best interest to work through the month of August and then reevaluate on September 1st. Not only do I feel that it’s fair, but I am almost positive that with the thought of reevaluation, we will be able to continue to push out my final day of work until the doctor puts me on Maternity Leave. This is great because of a few things:

1) I can spend! We all know that when preparing for a baby you are looking for anything and everything that will spoil your little one. That means the cute bedding, the comfy recliner, the fun clothes, and all the little extras. With the extra funding I can go out and get the stuff I want.

2) We can take that little baby-moon that I have been hoping for. We can go to Tahoe, So. Cal, or even somewhere random for the weekend. I just want to be able to have one last relaxing weekend away before baby joins us.

3) I can plan for the other events that are going to be coming up in the future. We have my brother-in-law’s wedding to my dear friend in October, which we are actually in. We also will be attending my good friend’s wedding in early November (that’s if I don’t burst yet). I also have several friends that are having babies of their own before we do that I want to be able to “shower”.

     We definitely will be needing the funding, so we will just have to evaluate the situation on September 1st and go from there.

     Today I was able to go talk to OB/GYN about progress. She had nothing but good things to say, which is what every mother wants to hear. I am thrilled that he is progressing at the right size and that everything looks like it is functioning properly. I can’t wait to see him out of the tummy though. We got to hear the heart beat, and it was music to my ears. I also was able to discuss some things that were very important to me. The biggest thing was, how is that low lying placenta? No previa yet, right? Nope, no previa thank god! Will I have to deliver in WC or will I be able to deliver locally? There is no doubt that the “low lying placenta” can change over the next few weeks. The growth of the uterus comes movement of the placenta. We should be ok to deliver locally as long as things continue to go smoothly. Can I safely get a flu shot when it comes time? YES, it is highly recommended that all prego women get one, but there is a special flu shot for us carrying a little one. After I got some questions answers I was relieved. Then on to our next appointment… All pictures of the boy! See below the good stuff…

Beautiful profile!
Little man having no shame, showing the goods!

     I can’t wait to see his little face when he comes out, which will be another topic of conversation. I got all the labor and delivery paperwork and that will be a blog for the future. I haven’t even got to look it all over yet. OMG! It’s getting so close!


5 Months & 5 Days Down, 118 Days to go!

     It didn’t hit me until now when I finally realized that I haven’t posted a blog in a long time. It’s been almost a full 2 months and it’s rather sad that I haven’t done much on here since then because so much has happened. I suppose we should back track a little.

     I did go back to work. I started as of the 22nd of May. Since then I am, again, disappointed to report that I have not been in compliance with some of my previous statements regarding how I will be taking this return to work. I have reverted to some of my old ways and I am disgusted with myself. I have let work take over again. It’s not something I am proud of. I keep thinking that I would be able to work through the next few months and then be done, but at this rate I don’t know what I am doing. I think hubby and I will have to have a serious conversation about what I will be doing with work for the next few weeks.

     In the hopes of distracting myself from work, I have tried to focus much more on my pregnancy. This is both a good and a bad thing in a variety of different ways. The good things…

     We found out we are going to be having a BOY. I can not be more excited. I will have a little Momma’s Boy soon to arrive. I just can’t wait to see how beautiful he is when he can come out and join us.

There he is in all his glory. He was showing us all the goods on my last ultrasound. It was so exciting. I had Ben, my Mom, my Dad, and my best friend Michelle there with me. We even got a pretty good facial shot, and it totally reminds me of Ben…

The big forehead is a dead give-away, not to mention the chin and nose. We already have some onsies that we have picked out for him. I couldn’t control myself and had to go out and get some stuff for him. We have a few Disney items on the way, and I have ordered even more of these things. We also purchased his crib and his dresser/changing table. It is absolutely adorable!

It is the exact same color of the ones in the photos, the only thing that will change is going to be the bedding of course. I LOVE Kids-N-Cribs and they are local, which makes it even easier when it came to seeing the merchandise. I hate ordering stuff online because I want to actually see what I am getting, but at the same time if I must, I must. We also picked out a super cute name for our little man. When he arrives he will be named:

Peyton Riley

I really can’t wait to have him with me. I am sure it will be a whole new experience, but who is that patient? I just can’t wait! And… he has been kicking around too! He sleeps a lot, but he does have some wild movement in there. His first sign of activity was the day before our 20 week ultrasound. Now, he is all over the place. We also registered at Babies-R-Us and it was a lot of fun, but kind of overwhelming. How do you know what you will need for a baby? They give you check lists and articles on what is best, but do you ever really know? If you want you can take a peek at our registry. I am just trying to get things that we would need and actually use for our baby. I haven’t gotten to diapers or anything yet.

I know we will eventually need a ton of them though. But, that is as good as it can get. All the planning and preparation is just fun and gets you even more excited.

     The bad things are something that we always try and overlook. The gas, the constant need to pee, the back/hip pain, and the weird cravings. It’s not terrible, it’s manageable, but only because I know in 17 more weeks I will be able to have a beautiful baby boy in my arms. I suppose when you know that you have such a big gift on the way, it doesn’t really matter what kind of pain you’re in or how uncomfortable you might be. I also have what they like to call a low lying placenta and it can be a risk factor when it comes to labor, so that just means no kind of big activity down there. We also have some things to think about with location of labor. That will be more to think about after further evaluation with my doctor.

     In regards to other activity that has occured lately… well… I have been kind of slacking in the wife department. I haven’t been up to cooking or cleaning or doing laundry lately. I don’t know if it’s because of work or the difficulty bending. I have been doing my best, but this will definitely go into discussions with hubby when it comes to talking about work. He has been so supportive, but I just need to figure out if I am going to be able to continue at this pace or if I am going to have to result to lowering my hours. I just need to be home more to take care of business here. With the way work keeps going I am restricted to getting up at 6am, leaving by 7:55am, arriving at work by 8:50am, working until 6:00-6:30pm, and then not getting home until at least 7pm. That doesn’t leave much room for cleaning or cooking when I try to be in bed and asleep by 9pm. I guess the schedule has interfered with being the wife I want to be and the employee I need to be to keep my job. I guess it is more things to evaluate with hubby.

     Well, I suppose that I should probably leave it at that for today. There will be much more to cover on Monday. We will just have to go through more later. Now, if you would like to follow me on Twitter and my user name is @Stephanie032412. But, you can always take a glance at my page with that link as well. Look forward to more words from me in the near future.