Nesting in a Weird Way

Everyone says that nesting is a huge part of pregnancy. I am starting to really get into the nesting stage. We have order the crib and the dresser/changing table. I have been looking like crazy for bedding, a rocker, and other decorative items. The biggest thing that we will have to overcome is going to be getting the rooms ready.

The To-Do List:
Vacuum each room & hallway
Clean out unnecessary clothes & boxes
Rearrange the furniture in our room
Collect hangers & hang all clothing
Purchase small shelving for an entertainment center
Purchase & Set up covered cage for wawas outside
Professionally clean room & hallway carpets (plus scotchgard) – Scheduled 8/20
Get crib and dresser/changer delivered – Scheduled 8/27
Area Rug
Rocker/Glider with ottoman
Crib Bedding
Picture frames and pictures
Book shelf/organizer
Window coverings (heavy curtains)

     Today we had the company that will be professionally cleaning and scotchgarding the carpets come by with an estimate. I am pretty pleased with them. I just hope they do a good job. I will give them a thorough review after they complete the job, which is scheduled for August 20th at 9am. Then we also scheduled the delivery of the crib for August 27th between 12pm and 2pm. So, by that time we will have to have the first 6 items on my list completed.

     Now in my search for the cutest items for the nursery, I am going with a monkey theme. It is green monkeys. the bedding looks something like this…

I really want to keep it simple, but to be honest I am looking for a little more than what I have ordered so far, as you can see in my started list above. Over the next few weeks I am going to have to work with Hubby to dig into our list and get ready for baby.
     I also have scheduled some classes so when baby arrives, then we can be ready to care for a newborn. We scheduled the Preparing for Child Birth class, which is a 5 week class from the mid to end of September to mid October. Then we have a hospital tour scheduled. The Newborn Care class is what I am really looking forward to because it will be SO exciting to learn how to care for our little one. I have barely been around newborns and I know Hubby can use the extra instruction. Then we have the Late Pregnancy (postpartum) class right before my brother-in-law’s wedding. After the wedding I have a Breastfeeding class that will definitely come in handy. After that, baby should be on the way. I am taking every class possible so I can be ready to be the best mommy I can be.

I am going to be one of those women in the first row. I will be there dragging Ben along to diaper dolls and practice CPR. It will be definitely a good class to be in. What classes did you take, if any? Did you like them/not like them and why? Any other classes you can recommend to a soon-to-be mommy?

     Well, tomorrow will be pregnancy update #1. You will see how it goes and I can’t wait to fill you in on all the good stuff.


2 thoughts on “Nesting in a Weird Way

  1. We registered at Babies-R-Us, and the link to the registry is in my previous blog “5 months & 5 days down, 118 days to go”. But, you can always do the search on the website online. Most items can be found in stores, some minimal items are online purchases.

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