Starter family

     Everyone thinks that a family starts with the birth of their first child. The problem with this logic is that families can come in all different dynamics. My starter family began with a beautiful, big eared, brown eyed, runt. I fell in love with a chihuahua.

She was my little girl and my partner in crime. This was the little chihuahua girl that made Ben and I a family. After we fell in love with this little one, we had to get more. Four chihuahuas and a Keidy later, we have our family.

     The funny thing about it all is that believe it or not we all function as an actual family. They love, they fight, they cuddle, they turn to each other for comforting. It is a very beautiful thing. As much as furry creatures  can only be so much of a family, they are certainly ours. I love seeing their happy faces and taking care of them if they are hurt. I love knowing that when they are sad, scared, or upset that they come running to me, Mom.

     Being a mother and a family is so much more beyond being there for each other. The part that I cherish the most is the wonderful memories we make and the lessons we learn together. It is a last stitch effort to claim something the belongs uniquely to us. We all know the good times and the bad times, but we remember it and cherish it all.

     I know that having a family with an actual baby is a lot different than having a family with chihuahuas and a cat, but I am very much looking forward to it. We have so many memories to make with this baby, plus our existing family. I am going enjoy taking him to our favorite spots like:




… and so many more places. I can’t wait to go camping with our whole little crew and go fishing. I want to see them interact and play with each other too. That will be so exciting. I know it will all be worth it in the end, and when we do decide to continue our human family, it will be even more fun!

     Do you consider your pets family? How did you start your family? Would you ever resort to dressing up your pets like humans?

I love my pets, my family. I can’t wait for my family to continue to grow with not only members, but love. Have a wonderful night everyone!


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