Sweat in the worst way…

     Ok, you know those days when you work out and you sweat like mad, but you feel so accomplished at the end of the work out… well today’s sweat was nothing like that. I have spent the whole day in terrible heat, and as most pregnant women know, that is not something that is very comfortable. I mean, were we meant to feel like a oven when we have a “bun in the oven”.

I am not actually baking anything inside me, so why is the temperature so damn high?!?! According to The Weather Channel we were sitting in 104 degree heat today. If you don’t believe check the Tracy weather yourself! As my Aunt Michelle would say… “I was sweatin’ muh balls off!”

     What makes matters worse is my office doesn’t have central heat and air. We have a swamp cooler and it was easily 90 degrees inside the office today. I had beads of sweat rolling down my back and legs. Then I had to go tag cars and we all know how much hotter it is in the sun. Plus, the foot swelling doesn’t make it any easier. I actually broke the strap of one of my sandals they were so swollen. I felt like my feet had been inflated with helium.

     It’s supposed to be getting worse by the end of the week. I am just hoping I don’t randomly burst into flames. No bueno! God, please give me the strength to get through this heat. UGH!

     What are some of your sure fire ways to cool off at the office? Have you ever sweat so much at the office that you had customers/co-workers notice? If so, how did you deal? I know it’s weird and gross to be sweating that much, but my body can’t help it. I feel like a sweaty monster.


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