As every pregnant woman knows, there are about a million and a half changes going on in her body when you have a whole other person growing in you. This particular blog is to note those changes that have been the most prevalent. I know some of them are a little TMI, but at the same time, they are just as important as the little changes so I must pay tribute to them. So, as a fair warning, when reading you may come across something that was a little “too much”.

     As of lately I have been feeling a lot more “randy”. I am not going to say that I am a super freak, but at the same time I love having my hubby around. We have been a lot more romantic and lovey lately. I can’t help but enjoy it. I love knowing that I am so attracted to my husband even after five years of being committed to him. He is by far the most amazing, sexy, adorable, and wonderful man I have ever associated with.

     Now, back to feeling a little more “randy”. I don’t know if it’s hormones or the fact that I have been on pelvic rest for some time now. I haven’t reached out for dirty magazines or porn or anything like that… I am just a little more “erotically charged” as Rachel from the sitcom FRIENDS described it. Although, I am not looking for a life size cut out of Evander Holyfield.

     One of the weird changes that I have experienced is that I am not as weepy or sensitive. I must admit it is a nice change of pace from the norm. It has been nice being able to drive to work without sobbing. It is a relief to also know that I am not about ready to burst into tears when I get too flustered or angry. I guess I can say I am really enjoying this part of the pregnancy for that specific reason. Hopefully it continues.

     I feel like I am always running on hot. I mean I know I am pregnant so being like 10 degrees hotter than everyone else comes with the territory, but I am about ready to file a complaint with my job because the damn air conditioning is a piece of shit. I have been given some tips about keeping cool, but its my body in it’s entirety that is hot and sweaty. Its not just the sweat or the sticky feeling, but the swelling has been killing me. My feet feel about four times the normal size sometimes. It ends up being like I have to shove my feet back into my shoes before I go home.

     It’s times like these when I just continue to look forward to fall. I keep trying to remind myself that it’s almost here. I know that I will look forward to being cuddled in blankets surrounded by my boys. I can’t wait. It will be an amazing time. I just can’t wait for this summer to pass by us.

     My addiction to milk grows. I love it. I it’s crazy. I would rather just be the “got milk” spokes person. I am sure I could show up those Olympians with my milk mustache. It is an odd addiction, but I would rather be addicted to milk than to pickles or something like that. I know my body is just needing the extra calcium or something, but I am just loving that it is a little healthy at least. I could be craving sweets or something, but thankfully I just wish I had my own dairy farm.

     Before I went on my honeymoon, my Aunt Deborah and I found this awesome dress that is super loose and comfortable and just amazing. Well, that is my clothing of choice. I prefer to wear that with no bra and no shoes. With my feet swelling up to three times their normal size, its hard to get them comfortable in my shoes, and who are we kidding… my boobs are enormous and are probably growing too.

     It really bewilders me how pregnant woman don’t just walk around naked in the summer time. I was talking to a co-worker about this… clothes are torture to a pregnant woman on a hot day. I feel confined and restricted. What was once a breathable, cotton blouse is now a drenched with sweat workout towel. Plus, even my maternity clothes are getting a little snug, and forget thinking that the spandex panel is like saran wrap. It doesn’t breathe, it certainly will hold you in, but at what cost?!?! I feel like I am an over stuffed sausage.

     Not like it matters that much, but underwear… forget it!

No woman wears this underwear with a smile. LOL!

If you find a pair you like, they don’t fit. The ones you hate do fit, but make you feel like you are about 100 years old. It just makes you think about what ever happened to being a “hot momma”? I mean no cute undies. Not even cute prints. I mean common!

     This I actually laughed at when I was typing it. Why do I laugh, do you ask? Well… I laugh because it is probably the most annoying change of them all. I don’t get to sleep very well at all. I know I am going to have to get used to this because that is how it will be when baby is here, but getting up two to three times a night to pee is ridicules. I am ready to say get rid of my bladder and just hook me up to a toilet.

     It’s not just getting up to go to the bathroom. I also constantly have to adjust my position because my hips hurt from sleeping on my side. I will wake up with one hip hurting like crazy so I switch sides, and continue to do so all night. By morning I feel like my hips are ready to just cave in. I am sure part of it is due to the weight of the baby and him sitting so low, but the other part is having to change positions all the time. I wake up feeling like I would have slept better sitting up.

Well, those are the major changes that have hit me so far. I have a few others, but as I had mentioned, these ones are the most obvious. I know it it going to get even more wild the next few months, but I just keep thinking about that little man that will be coming out of this experience and I know it will be worth it.


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