Bragging Rights

     It is annual review time for hubby and my company. We get them semi-annually, but the annual one is, of course, the most important. Now if you know my Benjamin, he is by far the hardest worker that I have ever met (with the only exception being my own father). He deals with a lot of stress and drama at work… who doesn’t? He just has a bunch of cranky guys that make it even worse, so when it comes to review time it is always an uneasy and uncomfortable event.

     This year, as well as all years before it, was no exception to the rule. He was nervous going in, but I suppose it was nerves for no reason! He got excellent across the board! He even had a good chunk of the other staff members supporting him and all of his efforts. His head-hauncho boss was even super supportive of his attitude and productivity. This is the best thing ever because all of those “cranky guys” didn’t get to influence my wonderful man’s review. If anything, their bad attitude was ineffective as a whole!

     What is awesome about this is it will hopefully make a positive effect on annual raises. We always hope for a huge raise, but with this economy, you never know. We are just blessed to be getting the validation that he so greatly deserves for busting his rear. He is the kind of man that needs to feel appreciated for all that he contributes. He is positive, he gets his job done, he helps others completing their jobs, and he always goes the extra mile. Who wouldn’t want him as an employee?!?!? For all of his efforts he should be a millionaire!

     I am so proud of my handsome man. He is an amazing husband and an excellent provider for our family. I am so honored to be loved by such an amazing man. He is wonderful!


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