Pregnancy Update #2: Double Digits!!!

Not my tummy, just loved the photo and the statement.

How far along? 26 weeks, which means only 14 more to go!
Size of baby: About the size of a head of lettuce and growing.
Stretch marks? Yes, I feel like I find new ones every day. Just trying to avoid the mirrors.
Sleep: Restlessness is at an all time high right before I go to bed. Once I am asleep I am constantly awakened by the urge to pee.
Best moment this week: Getting excited over my hubby’s success at his performance review.
Movement: He has been a little off and on about activity. Some times he can get a little lazy I guess, but over the past day or so, he has been VERY active. Mostly rolling around, he has been kind to my bladder and has avoided a lot of kicking and punching lately. 
Food cravings: Milk has been my biggest addiction. I don’t know if it is because it helps with heartburn or if I just love the taste… but I have to have milk before I go to bed. It relaxes me. LOL!
Labor Signs: No labor signs still… having some serious bloating and gassiness. though.
Belly Button in or out: It looks like it will stay an innie. It actually looks like it has created a huge divot in my tummy.
What I miss: Being able to bend over. I hate the fact that I can barely bend over to put my pants on or even just pick up a pen I might have dropped on the floor. That and having my feet fit in my shoes. I literally cannot fit my feet into my sandals at the end of the day.
What I am looking forward to: Feeling movement on my belly and having hubby feel movement too! I know it’s getting closer because when he does kick it is getting stronger.
Weekly Wisdom: It’s so much easier to keep things clean when you hang up your clothes. Yep, it creates more room and it keeps you from unnecessary tripping. LOL!
Milestones: I am no longer at risk for placenta previa or low lying placenta. I am so happy about this because it means I can deliver normally and we won’t need to automatically jump to a C-Section. YAY!

     This week marks our double digits week! We get to be 98 days from due date. That means about another 10 weeks until maternity leave and 14 weeks until I can meet my little boy. I am still working on the paperwork for my in-take forms, but I am so ready to get this going. I keep telling myself, as much as I am going to be in pain from labor, I am going to be so excited to meet him that I am not going to care. I just can’t wait!

     We have another appointment coming up. Actually there are a few. We have the carpets getting cleaned on Wednesday, and then the next Monday (8/27) we are getting a check up and then getting our nursery furniture delivered. WOOHOO! Getting closer and closer to our big event when we can bring him home. I was also able to talk to my parents and I will be able to get my favorite recliner to have for the nursery. I am so excited. I just can’t wait to start putting everything together.

     For all you soon-to-be mommas, how is your pregnancy going? Any fun stuff or weird stuff? For those who like to check in on me, what was your biggest moment this week? And for everyone… what would your weekly wisdom be for this week?


One thought on “Pregnancy Update #2: Double Digits!!!

  1. Ben says:

    My biggest moment this week was definitely feeling our son kick for MY first time lol!!! That was amazing & totally unexpected… A close second is being able to read these blogs that sweep the nation!!! My weekly wisdom??? I'd have to say “Change your thoughts & change your world”

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