Wild Baby Activity

     One of the things that pregnant look forward to is feeling baby movement. I suppose we look forward to it for a few reasons. For one, it makes it all feel so real. It continues to remind you that there is life growing inside you. The second major thing, is realizing that labor and meeting your baby is getting very close. Lastly, it starts to give you a sense of your baby. If they are active or lazy, if they can really hear you, that they can actually recognize your voice.

     I have been feeling baby move around for a while now. It actually started movement the day after I turned 20 weeks. It feels like a tickle on your insides or gas that just hasn’t been released and continues to move around your abdomen. It totally makes me think of the movie Alien. LOL! It’s like there is something with a mind of it’s own roaming around your insides. YIKES!

     Today was a special experience because both Ben and I felt baby from the outside of the tummy. It was amazing because of course it was the most active he has been the whole time I have been pregnant. That or I could just feel it better. But, then when we were laying in bed before we began the day and he had his hand on my belly he felt baby kick! He got all excited. His big brown eyes lit up and he was grinning from ear to ear. Then later in the afternoon when we were trying to take a nap (and I say trying because I was very unsuccessful) and I was feeling a lot of activity, so I was pressing on my belly some… sure enough he kicked me right back in the palm of my hand.

     This kid has a good ol’ kick. You can tell he doesn’t like to be bothered though. I feel like he already has a little personality. He is pretty mellow and a little lazy, but when he acts up he is ready to throw down. LOL! He doesn’t like to be bothered at all, and too much movement is almost annoying to him. It’s just so funny to feel him and now feel it outside the tummy. It makes me so excited to have him almost here. I have about 3 more months, but I can’t wait! It will be so exciting! Before you know it we will be welcoming baby.

     What are/were some of the things you are looking forward to in your pregnancy? Did you know your child’s personality pre-labor? What did it feel like for you when you felt any kind of activity from the outer belly? For those without little ones yet… What would you be looking forward to most in a future pregnancy? Did you ever feel a friend or family members belly when their baby kicked? What did you think?


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