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     Ok, so we are not going to Vegas, but we are well on our way to our third trimester of my pregnancy! Yep, only 91 days left to go! I am so excited. I can’t wait for things to keep going. In the last trimester of my pregnancy we have a lot to look forward to. We are going to be enjoying a baby shower, 2 weddings, my maternity leave, and the arrival of our little one.

     The next few months are going to be intense. I can already feel some changes in my body. It’s been a lot more difficult to get comfortable in bed, that is for sure. We also have been having some difficulty with movement. I am so limited with my belly that it’s damn near impossible for me to bend over. It’s is quite sad to say the least, but none the less it’s all true. I honestly can say I miss being able to shave my legs comfortably.

     The other thing to look forward to the next few months are going to be birthdays of course. My birthday is the one that is most immediate. The birthday this year happens to land on labor day. Yep, the big 2-5.

I guess it was bound to happen. I don’t necessarily think that it will be a bad birthday or anything, but it will be pretty mellow. Nothing too big. Then Mom’s birthday is right around the corner, end of September. Then, after the wild month of October with a wedding and several pregnancy classes, we will have November. November is when my youngest brother turns 21. I can’t wait for him to get to celebrate. I wish I could have a drink with him, but that will have to be saved for when baby arrives. Then end of November we should have the arrival of our Peyton. It will be a wonderful few months to go.

     Well, all I can say is I am excited! So much to look forward to. YAY! What do you have to look forward to the next couple months? Anything exciting happening to you or your family members?


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