And it begins…

     First it’s that bottle and teether from the baby event you went to like three months ago, then it’s just a couple of onsies, then the hand-me-down rocker and activity play set, and now furniture… yep, the life of a soon-to-be parent. Our lives have changed from electronic devices and accessories to baby furniture and breast feeding essentials. Slowly we are accumulating the baby needs and it will eat us ALIVE.

Ok, so I am over exaggerating, but babies require a lot of stuff. More stuff than just the little things. That coupled with all the classes I am signed up for will make us ready for baby for sure, but what we have slowly started with some of the good stuff…

     Furniture: Today we had our crib and the changing table/dresser delivered. Last week we got the carpets cleaned, so this is the first item that has been put back into the room. It is the first of minimal items that will be in there as far as furniture goes. We will be going to pick up some furniture from my parent house. We have a recliner, a tall dresser, and a television stand. Once that is all here, we will be set to go! Here is our beginning…

We look forward to adding more in the way of decorations (i.e. wall hangings, area rugs, a lamp or two, and of course the bedding.

     Decor: A lot of the decor for what we would like for the theme in Peyton’s room is on the registry. We are going for a Winnie The Pooh theme. It will be very simple of course. Greens and yellows for the main colors of course. I really did fall in love with the bed set.

It is the new Winnie the Pooh, not the throw-back version. It is bright, full of colors, and perfect for our little boy. Plus, when it comes to other little ones in the future, we can always re-use. It makes it much easier for decorating purposes too when there are multiple colors too!

     Registry: We were able to finalize our registry for the most part. I am pretty relieved that everything is going to be done with that. It’s kind of nice because we get to have a check list of things that we will need. It makes me feel better that the check list is not as long as I thought it would be. We were able to clean up our Babies-R-Us Registry. As much stuff as they have there, it took a while to clean it all up.

Then I was able to supplement that registry with a ton of good stuff at Target. Our Target Registry covers some more of the loose ends that were a little easier to spot in a smaller store. I love both of them and it gives us some good direction on what we can start working towards. I really had no idea that there could be such a thing as a store for nothing, but baby stuff… but literally, there could be several warehouses full of baby stuff and you would still need more.

     Final Touches: We still plan to get a sun screen for the baby’s room and some black out curtains. That will definitely help with the heat and the cold when serious weather hits. But, we really want to get some pictures of us in there. I have some from our engagement shoot that were taken by the wedding photographer, but the wedding pictures are crap. My friend Natalie took a ton of great pictures and those we would probably use. But, then when we have baby out and about, we will be thrilled to take baby and family photos. We will definitely reserve some space on the wall for those.

     When it came to prepping your baby’s nursery or any room for that matter… where did you start? What furniture did you collect first? How did your decorating/planning process begin?


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