And what did you do today?


Woke up to an empty bed. Ben took our wawas to the park to relieve themselves before they ran reckless.


Cooked a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs, an apple, and some chicken. We  lounged with breakfast and watched some awesome ESPN shows. Especially with fantasy football around the corner, it is great to keep an eye on your players.

I love being able to not be on a clock or limited by schedule. We continued to lounge and I checked my facebook, twitter, and my email of course. I gt my results from the blood work I completed yesterday. It is all good news, no anemia or gestational diabetes. I was worried about both because of how tired I have been and of course my weight it always a factor. One of the results was a little elevated so I called Kaiser and they of course were going to “get back to me”.

I also took this time to do some research on maternity leave and disability. I actually tried to call the department and no one answered! It keeps saying that the maximum number of callers have been reached and I literally called them like 4 times before 11AM and NOTHING! I know they are super busy because they are answering calls for the whole state, so I am not like freaking out or anything. I have time anyways until I go on leave, but I still have some serious questions.


We sat in the room where Peyton’s nursery will be set up and just dreamed. We talked about the other furniture we will be bringing in to the room. Just imagining what we want to do with the room has been so much fun. We will sit and look around and just imagine what it will be like in a few months when we will have a sleeping baby in his crib, diapers stocked in the changing table drawers, and a room ready for family.


We were ready for a nap. Went to go lay down and rest some more.

I got my call back from Kaiser. I do have to say that I love that they are so responsive. Especially when it comes to test results, I am always so nervous about hearing back from them. It makes me feel better that they actually call back. But, the thing that is really nice, is the people. The woman that called answered most of my questions for me and then the one she couldn’t answer about the irregular results she said she would have a doctor call me as soon as possible.


Dr. Begley called and sure enough he answered all my questions. I guess it comes as a natural part of pregnancy that some items are normally elevated. He said there is no reason for us to retest or have any concerns. He said that everything looks fine. WHEW!


Back to napping, but before the napping began… I got to feel little man kick me some more. It was so cool to feel the bumps. I got to feel some pretty good action before I took my nap. So we napped for a while. It was so nice! I love being able to sleep all the way through.


Wake up and going to lunch. We had some grubbin’ food at StrawHat Pizza. I gotta admit I love this place! Their salad bar is fantastic. They are super fast at bringing out the pizza too. Plus, the added bonus of it being inexpensive. Yum!


In the interest of making sure we are thoroughly ready for baby and imagining his room earlier in the day we went to Babies-R-Us. I love looking through that store. It makes me feel like baby is that much closer to being here. I know I still have so much to prepare for, but it’s still fun to look around and see what we hope to acquire by the time baby comes.

These places like Babies-R-Us and any other baby store must be a multi-BILLION dollar a year business. I mean you have so many different accessories. Some how people were able to have and raise children with out all this junk like 50 years ago, but now, there is some accessory for EVERYTHING. There are burp clothes, blankets, sheets, and a million of other linens just for babies! Who knew that a baby would need all that kind of stuff. There were at least 10 different rocking chairs/gliders, and I am sorry… there should just be a store that says this baby stuff is for you, and have just one of everything you actually need and use. Some stuff people never even use but they have tons of it. I just need one of each item, I don’t need pretty prints, just one chair, one car seat, one pack-n-play, etc.


Back home and getting ready to cook! I am testing out a Campbell’s soup recipe. I am testing it in the crock pot to see if that will work. It will be either a success or a serious disaster. We will see, how that one turns out. I will post pictures and recipe here when I am done.

But, while I am cooking, I get to lounge and watch Hard Core Pawn. This show is by far the weirdest show ever. First of all, these people buy crap. I mean like C-R-A-P. Secondly, the owner and his kids are quite literally more frustrating as the season goes on. They bicker, they fight, and then the yell-scream-curse at customers to release some tension. Third, this show makes me never want to go to Detroit, ever! These people are ridicules. They are angry, broke, and only have crap to sell, which makes the drama for the show I suppose. It’s just down right crazy.


Wawa potty break and dinner is almost done.

And the night continues… What did you do today?

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