Work: Labor Pains

     We all know that I am quickly approaching my due date. I am now just 10 weeks away from baby time. This is fabulous for me because I am getting closer to a time where I can be with my baby, but when it comes to work… I am dreading every day.

     Work has been drama filled to say the least. There is always something going on to make me feel more and more uncomfortable. The rough part is I keep thinking that it could be worse, and suddenly it gets worse. Most of it will not directly impact me, but the indirect impact is going to just make life miserable. My position at that office becomes more and more invisible as the days go on. It just makes it harder for me to imagine myself there.

     The other factor of work that has been killing me is my new physical shape. I am constantly exhausted! I am not so much tired, but just drained as a whole. I can sleep “ok” the night before, but then I find myself desperately needing a nap. Driving to work has now become treacherous. I have the hardest time staying awake. The hour long drive there and back have become so relaxing that it lulls me back to sleep. I have also had swelling of my feet. It is practically impossible to put my shoes on sometimes. I actually have to resort to flip flops. Bending is damn near impossible and I find it almost entertaining when I attempt to pick something up. I also have a slight problem with balance so it becomes a real trick. But, what has been by far the most annoying issue is that my hips and legs are having issues. I feel so out of place in an office when I cringe from hip and leg pain.

     What makes it really bad is that my job is supposed to be a customer service job, which means smiles and sales. I am having a hard time with both when I constantly have office drama and physical issues. I have had my boss tell me that I “look like I haven’t slept” and I don’t blame her. She is probably thinking, “What is going on with this woman?!?!” Plus, with changes in the office I feel like I am so unprepared to handle it all. It’s like I have enough going on with physical changes and trying to prepare for a baby, but now you want me to juggle all the new crap in the office?!?! WOAH!

     How has work been for you? When did you start noticing that being pregnant started to interfere with work? Has my office been the only one undergoing changes?


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