More than a Monday

     Football season has to be my favorite season of the whole year when it comes to sports. Not only is it exciting, but to me it screams athleticism. You have strong, large men battling it out on the field not only as individual players, but as a team. These players are aiming not only to win the game as a team, but to have a beautiful collaboration of plays, catches, touchdowns, and field goals. It is something that we look forward to through out the off season and count down to each week during the season.

     This season I am participating in two fantasy football leagues. This is awesome for a few reasons… it is really quite entertaining for one. The other thing that I like about it, is it makes you follow all of the games and a number of the players. It is a huge advantage for the football fans out there because it makes you very aware of successes and failures of each team and the players. My teams this week are as follows:

My BAB (Bad Ass Bitches) Fantasy Football Match Up Week 2 – My team is on the right, competitor is on the left.
My Football G’s Fantasy Football Match Up Week 2 – My team is on the left, competitor is on the right.

     I won the match for my Football G’s, but lost miserably in my match for BAB. It was actually quite interesting to see how such good players could preform so poorly. It was a weird week in the NFL for damn sure. What made it worse was my main man, Peyton Manning, was supposed to be my Monday Night excitement. Unfortunately was on the back burner for the evening because I had a Child Birth Preparation class, but that we will go ahead and get back to shortly. I suppose it was good that I had the class, because watching the game would have been pure devastation. One game into the season, Peyton Manning is having some trouble already. I will always have Peyton Manning’s back, but truth be told it breaks my heart to have seen him no longer in a Colts jersey, and struggling after a year of recovery.

     My night was easily distracted from the game because we were in Kaiser’s Child Birth Preparation class. This is a 5 week long class that will help both Ben and I get ready for our little beast’s arrival. He is going to be here in almost exactly 2 months! Can you believe it?!?! It’s almost time. I guess that is why I want to be as prepared as possible. I hate thinking that I could go into something and not know anything. It is one of those things where I would rather be a little prepped for my college course final exam than not prepared at all. I want to know some of the answers to at least get me to pass the class. HAHAHA! I like that analogy.

    This class is just very interesting. I am hoping that it helps me and can prepare me enough with some tools to use for labor. It is nice to see a bunch of other couples that are in the same boat and that we are not alone. I also feel a little better knowing that the people in the class are not quite as far along as I am. It makes me feel like I am reaching the finish line much faster than I actually am. If that makes any sense, of course. The first class we practiced some breathing techniques, focus, and some massage. I know Ben will be the person to help me through it. He has always been the strong one. I just need him to help me focus.

     I am looking for more details with labor, and I got some of my answers this morning. I was able to go to my 30 week doctors appointment this morning. It was one of those things that I felt like I was a little rushed through the appointment, but none the less I was going to get the answers to my questions. In reference to my previous post Birth Plan, I was able to go over:

I prefer to have intermittent fetal monitoring.

I prefer to have a saline lock (a plug for your IV needle) instead of a continuous IV.

I would like to delay newborn procedures (such as bathing, measuring, physical exam, eye medication, vitamin K injection) for one hour so that I have a chance to feed and bond with my baby.

Some of what I found out made me feel like I will be able go through labor in pain, but with some sanity. The midwife did say that in all standard situations when things are going smoothly and normally without induction or issues, then the intermittent monitoring is good so I can walk around. The same goes for the saline lock, it just so that I can walk around instead of being confined to a bed with meds. Then when it came to the details about the newborn procedures, she said that most people will suggest to delay this unless there is a problem. They said the main reason is because it helps with bonding and breastfeeding. She said if there is a problem, then they will let us know immediately, but at the same time, if everything is fine we can look forward to some mommy, baby, daddy time before they have to take him for the clean up. I am good with that.

     Some of the other things that we were able to address today at the appointment is my maternity leave dates. My last day will be on October 27th. I have one month and nine days left, 39 days! I am so ready for that! I will look forward to getting even more ready for baby. Washing clothes, cleaning house, doing dishes, taking care of the wawas and Keidy. It will be so nice to get used to a routine. I am looking forward to enjoying the rest of my pregnancy and attempting to remain comfortable. It will be totally worth it!

So, who were your fantasy football successes and failures this week? What were the biggest let down game this weekend? Any game that was a pleasant surprise this week? Have any of you taken a childbirth preparation class or Lamaze class? What did you think of it? Well, have a wonderful week. I will talk to you all soon.


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