Finally at Peace

     I had a conversation this evening in regards to the loss of a loved one. What made me really think, was a topic that we covered where some individuals almost subconsciously know or prepare for their own passing. Some people think that when someone passes that they are just gone. I am not one of those people. I feel like our loved ones, both past and present, linger. Sometimes these loved ones linger in just our thoughts, some in our behaviors, and some times they leave little messages.
     In my life I have had only one significant loved one pass away. I feel very blessed to still have a great number of my loved ones still with me, but at the same time for the one who has passed away, I feel like she is still around in away. Some of the most prominent things that I remember from her that is a daily reminder is my flip flops. She used to always tell me that my feet would continuously grow unless I wore shoes (or at least sandals). She actually went out and bought me flip flops so I would have no excuse, but to wear those shoes. I suppose my love for chihuahuas came from her too. She always could appreciate a good lap dog.
     Well, with this particular loved one, right before she passed away she was in the hospital for a long time. She was quite ill. My parents decided to go down and be with her and my grandpa. They wanted to spend some time with her, see that she got better, and make sure that my grandpa would be ok. Well, after seeing all of her children and finally getting doctors comfortable enough to send her home, she was able to return to her simple home on her quiet street with my grandpa. Now, from what I hear and with most of my assumptions I pieced together how the evening went when she died. After she got comfortable in her favorite chair in the living room, my grandma told my grandpa to get some rest in his bed. At the time she was in her chair, her home, she had kissed her love goodnight and he had done the same for her, and finally she was at peace. She had seen all of her loved ones, she was where she felt most comfortable, and she was finally able to put her mind at ease and let God take her home.
     It makes me believe that she knew that it was her time. She got to see her children and extended family. She was settled with what was coming. She wasn’t hooked up to machines or forced to undergo a million procedures. She was at peace. She knew that God was holding his arms open for her to slowly drift into his grasp and just ease all of her pain. I believe this is how my grandmother passed. I feel like each person will have their own way of passing, but what comforts me is that some of us will be prepared enough to know that it is our time and that by the grace of God, we will be able to go in peace.
     I know that my thoughts may not be shared, but that’s ok. I hope that everyone can experience peace when they pass away. I would hope that would be the norm. I know that it’s not, but at the same time… I would hope that in any future for me or my family that they will be able to come to the peaceful relaxation knowing that they are loved by all of those around them and that they can comfortably drift into the blissful paradise with God and all loved ones who have passed before them.
     Do you have any brief thoughts on passed loved ones? Do you think that people can almost know when it is their time? Do you have any loved ones whom you remember in your daily behaviors or items? If so, what are some of those daily behaviors or items and why?

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