As the week continues…

     Work: Have you ever had a week that was filled with drama, and it was drama not even related to you? Well, that is how my week went. On a scale from one to ten, the drama hit about an eight and it’s wasn’t even MY drama.

I suppose work brings out the worst in people some times, but as of lately it also brings out the child in people. It has been an eye opening experience seeing it all from the side lines. I don’t know if people are naturally like this or if it is a defense mechanism from stress, but ultimately it is not very becoming. It is literally like we are back in the play yard at school and someone just stepped on the sand castle that everyone was working on because they didn’t get to add the flag that they wanted to the top of the castle.

     Family: In every family there is the one person that you literally have not seen in years. Well, I have one of those family members and I quite literally have not seen him in seven or more years! This past week I broke the seven year stretch. My Uncle John came up to visit my grandparents and I got to catch him on the tail end of his trip.

Now, I of course got caught up at work and was very late to dinner (which is where my family and I were meeting up with him before he left town again). But, when I finally got to see him, I was so happy. He was exactly as I remembered him. He was funny and smart and my awesome Uncle John. I almost couldn’t believe that he was actually here. We ended up talking with him and his long time girlfriend, Arlene, for hours. It was so nice to catch up and see him and how he’s doing. Plus, I love his girlfriend. She is fantastic and so cool! I just missed seeing them. It was a great night and I can’t wait to see him again.

     Wawas & Keidy: In every family you have your random personality. Well, our random personality comes in the form of our wawas and our cat. My dogs have been rather spoiled lately, which means more whining and of course barking randomly… but the bigger issue has been our cat, Keidy (pronounced Kidy). Since we had the carpets cleaned and the furniture delivered for the baby’s nursery, we have been having her sleep with us and she has her litter in the bathroom with her food and water. During the day when we are at work, she hangs out in the bathroom and then when we are home we put her in the room to roam. Well, she has been getting in the habit of taking things out of our bathroom cabinet and shredding it into little pieces. The most recent acts of “shreddery” has been taken out on feminine products and q-tips. I am not too sure what she finds so amusing about these items, but she will pull them out of the cabinet and have them strewn all over the floor and shredded with paper and stuffing everywhere.

     Baby: All is well with little one. He is a lazy one. I honestly think that when it comes to my due date, I am almost positive he will be late. He seems to be the kind of baby that likes to get comfortable and stay put. The only time I notice that he gets active is if he/I get hungry. He starts kicking and wiggling and rolling around in there. It’s almost like he is trying to punish me for waiting so long to eat. He is a funny little baby though for sure.

     We just keep planning for when we are going to get more baby stuff. When Ben & I get paid here soon, we will be able to celebrate birthday a little and then go shopping for baby. Some of the larger items on the baby registry are going to be what we are headed for. Car seat is number one. No car seat, no way baby can get home from the hospital with us. Then we have some other things I am looking forward to getting so that it will make things easier for when he does arrive.

     We have baby shower well under weigh. I am super excited about it. I know my Mom is planning a little lunch thing when they come back from her cruise and when I am officially on maternity leave, but my friend Natalie is throwing me one in October. Baby and I are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives to help us celebrate. I just can’t wait to have him out and about to have him meet everyone! It will be so much fun. And, the thing that will be awesome is, he will have a bunch of little “girl friends” around his age. My friend Kate had a beautiful baby girl this past July, and my friend Laura is expected to have her little girl some time end of September… plus… Ben’s cousin and one of his friends will have had their baby girls in December. He is going to be one of the only boys. He will be a wanted one, for sure!

     For You: I always talk about me… how about you?!?! Do any of you have blogs you would like to share. I am always browsing twitter for good reads. If not a blog, do you have a good article you have read as of lately you would like to share? Or, would you just like to fill me in on how your life is going? I love to hear from you so… please share. Talk to you all soon!