Preparing for Labor & Delivery

     Hubby and I have been going to our Labor and Delivery class. It is quite frankly a little dull. I have gone over the majority of the details in some of the other classes we have already taken. It is neat to do some role playing with breathing techniques and laboring positions, but tonight was the all time high. The instructor had all the moms lay down and had all the dads massage them from head to toe. Nothing inappropriate of course, but it was really quite relaxing. I kept thinking that if I was able to have that happen during labor would be awesome.

     The other more informational parts of the class were about when to go to the hospital, what you can do prior to going to the hospital when you are in labor, what you can expect during labor. Next class we are going over the different medication options as well as other items.

     The class for the most part is just helping me think about what to expect. I know each person is different, and there is no way to fully prepare for an event like labor, but at the same time I would rather be informed. I just want to be semi-ready for things to come, good or bad. I really don’t know what will happen, but I am hoping that I am going to go in with as many tools as possible.


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