Baby "To-Do’s"

     We have about another month and three weeks until Peyton’s arrival. I should be panicking, but to be honest… I think I am past panic and well on my way to denial. LOL! I have so much to do I keep denying the fact that it won’t get done on time. I suppose you can claim I am thinking positive, but at the same time I know it’s just denial. Let me explain:

     Nursery: We still need to get the items from my parents house, which we are scheduled to retrieve on October 29th. This will be pretty much the conclusion of the large furniture in Peyton’s room. I go on maternity leave beginning October 27th and I plan to put together the decor for the room.

This means his name, photos, and window coverings will be hung up. I am also hoping to get a few shelves installed. We will just have to see. After that, I plan to do a whole mess of laundry for him so I can have clean clothes when he arrives. Got to get all that done in the few weeks following November 1st.

     House: I need to do one final sweep of all boxes and stored items to see if I need any of them. I want to clear out anything I do no need so we can be minimalistic. I also want to be sure to have enough space for all of Peyton’s things.

     Labor: I will eventually need to pack a bag for the hospital. I will probably need to do this about 2 weeks before due date at least and have everything ready for the wawas and keidy when I go into labor.

I am thinking I will probably need a little momma care bag and I am going to try and prep a daddy one too for hubby. I know we will definitely need some stuff for when we are off to labor and delivery.

     Other: I am finishing up all the loose ends. Paying bills early, taking care of savings, etc. I also have to set up a savings account for Peyton (he will definitely need it). Not to mention some sentimental things that I want to have for him. I am going to write a letter to him before he is born.

I guess it can include hopes, dreams, how excited I am to meet him and see him complete all of his “firsts”. I also want to document the progress of his nursery, the ultrasounds, etc. I am hoping to put together a book for him. I also want to take pictures of people as they first meet him for a photo book. It would be so cute.

     I am just looking to complete some tasks so that when I get to baby day I will feel like I am at least a little prepared for him. It will be a nice adjustment. I just am going to keep denying that I will not have enough time to do it all and hopefully just get through the next few weeks.

     Did you have any to-do lists for the next few weeks or anything lingering that you would like to take care of? If so, what are they? If not, what have you already done to prepare for the next few weeks? Even if it is just as simple as Halloween plans, fill me in.


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