Pregnancy in Numbers

     As the days get closer to delivery date, I am getting more and more anxious. I suppose I have been counting down. With counting I have found a plethora of numbers in my remaining pre-baby days. I suppose you can call it math, but I am ultimately just filling my time with numbers. I guess you will see it all below…

     I have 48 days until due date. I have 24 days left in October and another 24 in November. I am 33 weeks, so only 7 weeks remaining till full term, only 3 more weeks until they will not stop preterm labor (YIKES!). I am currently scheduled for 7 pregnancy classes (3 for labor and delivery, 1 hospital tour, 1 late pregnancy class, 1 newborn care class, and 1 breast feeding class) all of which are in October. Between now and Peyton’s arrival I have 2 weddings and 1 bachelorette party. I have 1 baby shower in October and 1 luncheon for baby in November. I have 9 days left of work before maternity leave, which means $800 (minimum) in bonuses and a total of 2 more pay periods left until my labor disability begins. I have 2 doctors appointments, 1 is an ultrasound and 1 is a check up. I have 1 family member’s birthday and 3 holidays before due date, which leaves plenty of room for celebrations. I have 6 more fantasy football games to go until Peyton will be helping me pick my roster. At the end of it all I will have 1 beautiful, baby boy, Peyton, that will be in my arms.

     I know it’s silly to be looking at some of these things and to be counting like I do, but I just can’t help it. I am just so excited to see what he looks like, how he acts, what traits he picks up from Ben and I, etc. My count down keeps me focused on something other than my sleepless nights and engorged belly. Yay for the soon approaching birthday of my baby Peyton!


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