A letter to my son

Dear Peyton,

I am sure you already know this is your mother, Stephanie. I thought it would be a good idea to write you a little something before your arrival. We have you scheduled to be here November 24th, 2012, but we all know that the doctors don’t know everything and it’s all going to depend on you. You will come when you are good and ready.

Anyways, I wanted to take the time to write you because I am so excited for you to be here! When we first found out you were on your way, which was 2 days before our wedding day, by the way. Excellent timing might I add. I was so scared. I have always wanted to be a mother I just didn’t know where to begin. That plus I didn’t know if you would stick around, but through God’s multiple blessings I was able to keep you happy and healthy so you can grow into a beautiful little boy.

Now I haven’t met you yet, but I know that you will come out to be a beautiful little man. With the constant movement I feel in my tummy I can only imagine that you are going to be a spunky, active, crazy little guy. I really can’t wait. You will be by far my greatest challenge and greatest accomplishment. I keep wondering what milestone we will see you accomplish first. If it will be your first smile, your first yawn, your first laugh, etc. It will be so much fun to see you grow.

All that I hope for you is that you can grow up loving your family, cherishing your friends and memories, and valuing your morals. I want to see you grow into a wonderful man that is successful, kind, smart, and funny. I know with the example and guidance from your amazing father we will have no problems with that. I also want you to be confident in yourself, know who you are and what you want without having your peers trying to influence you. I want you to feel comfortable having your own opinions. I want you to do and accomplish anything you set your mind to and know that you are worth so much.

I want you to know that no matter what I will always love you. If you pee on me when we change you, if I catch you playing with the wawa food, if you get accustomed to messing with Keidy, and even other times in the future when you may get in even bigger trouble… I will promise you, forever, I will love you. Even when we get in our own scuffles  through our tempers and frustration I will always love you. There is not one thing you could do that would make me not love you.

So, with that being said… I can’t wait for your arrival and to finally hold you in my arms. My pregnancy with you has been such an amazing experience. I could not be more blessed. I will look forward to having you with us. Starting our family and countless memories will be our next big adventure. We have so many people looking forward to meeting you too.

I love you my boy.

Stephanie Ann Gutierrez (Your Mother)

PS- One day we will have to talk about how we picked your name. You can start by researching quarterback Peyton Manning. Love you!


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