"… you make it impossible for me to hate you…"

     Today was the first day of my maternity leave. I have to admit it was a very productive day. We got a lot done, but to say the least is was taxing. For having the day off work, it felt a lot like we (both Ben and I) were still working. If anything we took a day to get stuff done.

     The day started at a breast feeding class that we arrived late for. I suppose they should have notified us that it was not going to be taking place in the same spot as our other classes, but oh well… we eventually found it. This class was of course very “pro-breast feeding” and almost discouraged the thought of formulas and even pumping (which, I thought was a little weird). But, it did have a lot of good information to offer us, and of course the materails are always helpful. They almost seem to be a little more helpful than the instructor. LOL!

     After our class, we went to grab some food and headed home. We needed to pick up our baby carrier/car seat because we had an appointment to have it installed and inspected by the local fire department. Some where prior to our appointment we managed to sneak in a small 15 minute cat nap, and then we were off and running again.

     We had our appointment with Andrew at Dept. 84 in Pittsburgh. They are the only local place that offers free instruction and inspection of the car seat. To be honest I thought I was going to have to resort to AAA, but lose out on the information. With AAA they just offer an appointment to make sure that it is in there properly. I would like to make sure that I know how to install it right and that I am setting it in the vehicle properly so I don’t get stuck at the hospital. Apparently if it is not installed properly, the hospital will not let you take the baby home. NO BUENO! But, when we met with Andrew, he was fantastic. He showed us how to get it in the car. Where the safest place in the car would be for the car seat. He also instructed us on how to make sure that the baby is in the car seat properly. I am really quite impressed that it was like a personal instruction. I would definitely recommend this to anyone! I am totally not the kind of person that would want to waste a whole lot of time if I don’t have to, but this is for your baby people.

     After our appointment, we came home to organize. We finally were able to get the items from my parents house over to our place so we can set up the nursery. I was quite ecstatic. Not to mention it involves looking at Peyton’s stuff… totally exciting. Anyways, we spent another good couple hours working on that. Arranging furniture, tossing out garbage, seeing about items to donate, etc. After all that time I am still not done, but we got a lot arranged and the remainder of the work I can pretty much do on my own (Ben did all the heavy lifting of course).

     When all the major stuff was done, we opted to just sit and watch movies. First up, Tom Hanks in Road to Perdition. I love this movie, but at the same time it can be so depressing. The second, and one of my personal favorites, was Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. This movie is by far ingenious. It has the perfect mix of drama, humor, and romance. I know that people probably think that it is out dated, but with this movie… it can’t be out dated. It applies to relationships now just as well as it did in the past. Plus, who can deny that the most humorous part in the movie is the fake orgasm!?!?!? I mean this is perfect. It makes you laugh, cry, and make you want to hang out with your significant other. I just know that the second Harry Connick Jr. starts singing “It had to be you” in the opening credits, it makes me want to push everything off to the side and focus.

That and at the end when they are in the passionate conversation about why Harry loves Sally, and all she can say is “… you make it impossible for me to hate you, Harry…”. It makes me think of Ben. I can never get mad or stay mad at Ben. Even at the times when we are most frustrated with each other, I would much rather talk to him than anyone else. Him and his beautiful face make me fall in love with him all over again and again and again. He is my best friend.

But, that was pretty much our evening, and just so everyone knows… I love being on maternity leave! Not to mention, each day gets closer to meeting Peyton. Well, have a great night everyone.


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