Pregnancy Update #4: Less than a month!

How far along? 36 weeks pregnant… That means 4 weeks left, but really only 26 days. Yes, we have less than a month until due date! I am seriously SUPER excited!
Size of baby: According to our most recent ultrasound, we are looking at big boy. Doctor said that he is currently measuring approximately 7lbs, he has HAIR, and the ultrasound technician said that he is getting some cheeks to form on his little face.
Stretch marks? Yes, more pregnancy battle scars. I am going to actually stop answering this questions because it is getting a little sad and pretty depressing when I actually have to review it.
Sleep: Fleeting! I seem to have to get up to race to the bathroom almost once an hour. He has found my bladder to be the most comfortable cushion, which unfortunately is not so comfortable for me. I have been trying to nap a little more though. It seems to help, but I feel so lazy when I do. I suppose I will just have to do my best with this one.
Best moment this week: Finally getting on Maternity Leave. We have officially had time now to get some items in the nursery. It has been fantastic to see how it all unfolds. I still have so much that I want to do to his room, but it will just have to take some time and I will have to be patient with myself.
Movement: He is still moving around, but not as definitive when it comes to movement. That just means more rolling around, not as much punching or kicking. I feel his little butt roll across my tummy when he changes direction. I can almost feel a leg or an elbow sometimes, but it just depends on his movement for the day. The one thing that keeps me up at night is his constant movement. He feels like it’s time to rock out when it’s 11:50pm.
Food cravings: Nothing too specific. I have gotten a little bit of a sweet tooth, but all in all nothing too special. As always milk is a favorite, but again… nothing odd or spectacular.
Labor Signs: Feeling a lot of cramping, but I have contributed it mostly to gas and (WARNING, TMI) constipation. Last night was the first night where I had a good long cramp in my belly. It felt like someone punched me and left a pretty nasty bruise, but to be honest I don’t really think that any of it is labor. I am sure as soon as I feel it I will know it, but right now… it’s not looking like it.
What I miss: I miss being able to put on my pants or underwear without difficulty. Now, it feels like I have to play a game of target practice in order to get my feet in the right holes. It’s practically impossible to bend over, pick things up off the floor, or get out of a vehicle without assistance.
What I am looking forward to: I can’t wait to be ready and waiting for him. Right now, I still feel so unprepared. I have a nursery to prepare, the labor bag, collect some other items for after his arrival, etc. Once it’s all done I will feel like I am ready for him.
Weekly Wisdom: Getting ready is more than just a task, it’s a damn challenge. If anything, I request of any man asking of any pregnant woman to just please be patient. It may be a long wait, but it’s worth it. 
Milestones: We officially got the carrier installed for the car seat. We took a class and got it cleared by the certified fire-fighter. It was an excellent opportunity and a great learning experience, but now we are at least ready to carry a newborn in our vehicle. YAY!

     I am getting so excited! I know that people are thinking that oh, you are right around the corner. I feel like a ticking time bomb. When will I “go off” and go into labor. I am almost half expecting to go into sudden labor at the worst possible time. I mean over the next few weeks we don’t have a lot going on, but what we do have going on could definitely ruin some plans. I just keep telling myself that Peyton will come when he is good and ready and when that time comes we will deal with it as best as possible.

     The other thing that I am kind of looking forward to, is a little before his arrival time I am going to be staying with my parents so I have someone to drive me when I go into labor. I am looking forward to this for a couple of reasons, but mainly because I will be around people who will be able to distract me. I know toward the end of it all I am going to be so anxious and excited it will be hard to focus on anything else. When I am with my family, I will be able to be distracted by either Nintendo64, Monopoly, Dominoes, Card Games, etc. I will need some good distractions.

     Now… it’s just time to wait. What did you do the month leading up to your due date? Any fun games or suggestions you could offer me? Did we want to start a pool of people betting on arrival date? I would love to start something like that. Well, look forward to hearing from you have a great night everyone!


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