Cupcakes and Sangria

     Exactly one week prior to Peyton’s delivery date my mother planned a luncheon for a few family members and friends to attend in celebration of his pending arrival. It was one of those things that would be surrounded by laughter and good drinks, which it was. It was Winnie the Pooh, good food, and good company. The guests consisted of several family members that came up from southern California. To be blatantly honest it was quite fantastic. There wasn’t really any games. No eating weird stuff out of a diaper, having people guess how big around my belly was, or even the sick trivia from my pregnancy. Thankfully it was just a bunch of conversations with some amazing people.

     My mom and my Aunt Deborah were the hosts of this shin-dig. It involved a beautiful diaper cake carefully constructed with rubber bands, a bottle, and baby powder. We had sandwiches, fruit and veggies, and a very carefully prepared sangria with your special variety of cupcakes. The guests were all able to provide tips to the soon to be mother. The gifts ranged from diapers to a car seat to a bouncer. There were even some guests that handmade gifts for Peyton too. It was a grand ol’ time to say the least, and then we all were able to have dinner together that night.
     Of course with my family it was absolutely necessary to have some kind of alcohol at our little event. So, the specially made sangria was a huge hit! Actually it was the talk of the crowd. Not only did we have sangria, but for this prego lady they had an awesome sorbet drink too! It was a great light and easy drink. Not to mention it did have a wonderful little kick in it with the added fruit. And my mom and Aunt out did themselves with the multi-flavored cupcakes, including my all time favorite red velvet. I have to say these two things were by far my favorite items at this party. Oh, how I love a good drink and some sweets.

     After the weekend I had an appointment with my OB/GYN on Wednesday and was having what I thought were minor contractions. She checked me and sure enough I was 1cm. Now, that didn’t mean anything. I could have been 1cm for any length of time and it could have gone on for weeks. Now, that was when Ben and I decided that it would be best to start staying with my family since they always have someone available to take me to the doctor in case I went into sudden labor. That, I suppose, was the beginning of our labor adventure.

PS. Anyone with photos of our gathering, please send them to me. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!


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