Peyton’s Labor Story

WARNING: I want to let you all know that this is a very long post. If you are faint at heart and have a short attention span this may not be for you, or you are always welcome to stop and return to finish it. But, I always welcome sharing and comments. Enjoy…

     Ben and I started to deliberate what to do in the case I was to go into labor early. Since he was still working out in Lathrop (about an hour away from our house and about two and a half hours away from the hospital) we decided that we needed an alternate option. My parents offered to have me stay with them for a while before my due date in case Peyton arrived early and I needed someone to take me to the hospital. I packed a bag of clothes and any additional bare necessities for my expected stay. When I arrived to be with my parents Ben and I had decided that since he was still going to have to work until I went into labor he would go to work, come visit me at my parents house, and then sleep at our place (on his days off he would stay with me so we would be able to spend more than an hour or two together).

     The day after I started to stay at my parents my youngest brother turned twenty-one. In order to celebrate my parents and grandparents took him to Thunder Valley Casino Resort to gamble and have a few drinks. Yes, that left me at home on my own, but I wasn’t feeling anything special and they would be back rather early. I saw them off and went on with my day. When they returned at 8:30pm that night I was still feeling pretty good. We all crashed pretty hard and then the next day was when all the fun began.

And you can stay…

     I got up, did my normal routine. About 11:10am I used the restroom and noticed a light pink tint. I called labor and delivery in Walnut Creek and they instructed me to lay down for an hour and when I stand up if I feel a trickle down my leg, my water had broken and I should come in. Well, I had lunch plans that day and since I did not really expect to be running off to the hospital I texted my girls and told them I would be running late and layed down. Once the hour expired, I stood up and didn’t exactly have a trickle down my leg. Instead, my rear was very damp. I went to the restroom and sure enough the pink tint was still there, but also my underwear was soaked. I thought it would be a good idea to call labor and delivery again and sure enough they said to be safe that they would like me to come in and get checked out.

     By this time I am not excited or nervous, just ready to go and get sent home. I asked my Dad if he would go with me because my Mom was working at the time and all my brothers were out and about. So I grabbed my purse, hopped in the corolla, and we were on our way. When we arrived at the hospital I had super parking mojo, we proceeded to the labor and delivery department. I signed papers, answered questions, and they took me off to a little white room with two large beds and curtain separators. My poor Dad was a trooper. He waited with me the whole time. Of course he was a little jumpy with them checking me, but all in all he was great. They checked me and the fluids and sure enough my water broke. That’s when the doctor came in and said you are not leaving here without a baby.

In for the long hall…

     I spent the next hour or so getting admitted and settled into my labor room. Honestly this part of it was the most time consuming and it felt like it took forever. My Dad was great. He talked to me and kept me from pulling out my hair since it took so long. He honestly kept me from dancing around I was so excited. I thought to myself this is it! I will have my son here in just a matter of hours. Of course this is what I am thinking about instead of the pain because at this point there was no pain. My labor hadn’t even really started yet. After about three hours of waiting around and joking with my Dad, my Mom and Ben showed up. It was great to have some more familiar faces. But, shortly after that I was given some medication to thin out my cervix. I suppose that is when the fun all began.

     After the medication started I didn’t feel much activity. I suppose that was a good thing because I had some visitors. My friends Michelle and Kate came by. They were the friends I was supposed to meet with earlier in the day. They decided to drop by with some much needed supplies, which included an after labor outfit and a nursing bra. To say the very least I was not very prepared to stay at the hospital. They were my saviors!

     When they left, that is when I had some more labor action. Some cramping and uncomfortably began as the medication really kicked in. I was facing a long night. My parents went home since I wasn’t going anywhere fast, and Ben tried to get some sleep. Even I attempted it, but the contractions started up and my body couldn’t rest. By 12:00AM I needed something so I couldn’t sleep and I was exhausted. I buzzed the nurse and she came in to give me my options. Now, I was trying to avoid an epidural. I kept thinking that I would be able to get through the whole labor without requiring that kind of medication. So in the hopes of continuing that goal, I opted for something a little less intense: fentanyl.

     Well, that took the edge off and let me sleep for about an hour. I woke up even more uncomfortable and ready for some more. This time I woke up Ben and we talked for a while before I had the nurse come in. She came in and talked to me again about having more pain medications. This time I told her I needed something better, stronger. She said that we can go for the epidural this time if I wanted or we could stick with the fentanyl or I could get the fentanyl until they were able to get me an epidural. I went with option number three: the combo. This was by far the best decision that I had made for a few reasons. My reasoning began with relaxing myself long enough to get the epidural inserted. This was a great help since they attempted it like four times. My anesthesiologist was fantastic though. Even though it took a while, she got it in there and I was ready to go. My sleep was worth it all!

     Since I gave into to the epidural, the doctors got me started on pitocin. So while they started me on that they got me set up with an internal heart monitor for Peyton and an internal contraction monitor. After all this excitement I got to sleep until about 6-7:00AM and then I was up for good. My parents got back to the hospital about 8:00AM and I was dilated about 3.5cm and I was 80% effaced. Then about noon I was feeling a little more activity and instead of feeling nothing like I had been since the beginning of the epidural I was feeling some minimal pressure. This time they checked me and I was at 5cm dilated and 100% effaced. Then they noticed that Peyton’s heart rate was dipping. Now I had already been on some oxygen, but it wasn’t a requirement, however at this time it was a necessity. They also had been monitoring me and rotating me in order to keep it up. This time they were a little more aggressive  They said if it doesn’t improve significantly I would need a c-section. I told the doctors to do what they needed to do so Peyton was ok. They said that it was still possible for me to have my vaginal labor, but the baby would have to be going along with it.

The long awaited arrival…

     Everything was going ok after that. The baby was cooperating, I was feeling more pressure, and I was about ready to push when the doctors came in again. It was 2:00PM and the doctor checked me again. I was 10cm. They said that they had 2 emergency c-sections that they needed to attend to and they would come get me pushing after that. I told them I was feeling like I was ready to push now. They said it wouldn’t be long, but they would be back soon. I was feeling a ton of pressure and was in some serious pain by 2:45PM. I kept wanting to push and I told my Mom and Ben that I needed to push. There may have been some cussing. I was asking where the doctors were because I have to push. The nurse came in after my several pleas and she said that I could go ahead and push as much as I wanted until the doctors got there.

     I was no longer pushing the button to administer the epidural medication because I wanted to be able to feel when I was pushing. But, I was getting to the point when I just couldn’t take the pain and pressure anymore. It was intense, but since the nurse said I could push I did. I would push just a few times between when the nurse came and when a midwife finally arrived. I was ready to go and get this baby out of me. It felt good to push and even felt relieving. My monitors were not registering the contractions, and I was ready to get him out. When I finally got in the pushing position his head was on its way out. Ben was able to feel it, but due to my big belly I wasn’t able to reach it. They showed me the mirror and I could see him and all his dark hair. It was amazing.

     After three pushes for a total of nine minutes they thrust this little naked body on mine. His big eyes were gazing up at me. The wide eyed stare was mesmerizing. He didn’t make a peep and for that moment I was in shock that this was my son. He was perfect.

Peyton, born November 10th at 3:21pm, 7lbs 11oz.

4 thoughts on “Peyton’s Labor Story

  1. Thank you… he is my little wild thing. I hope he appreciates it. I certainly want to remember as much as I can so I can tell the story. I love hearing about my birth, I wonder if he will.

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