Remember when you were this small?

     We all have had those moments when our parents whip out our most embarrassing photos and videos of our childhood. They always start with, “Don’t you remember when you were this age/small?” or “Look how cute you were here!” That is when your eyes have the automatic reaction of rolling and we try to quickly change the subject so we don’t have to think about it. I know that as a new parent I will inevitably torture my child with this, but I have also recently been introduced to some alternatives that are not as harmful to a child’s ego.

     My friend Kate brought it to my attention, and I had seen it once before on a blog belonging to a friend of mine on twitter, Caroline over at Crackers & Carrots. (Her blog is amazing and to be quite frank, so is she! Her son is adorable and is a little over Peyton’s age. Plus, she has some fabulous recipes for pretty much anything sweet.) Now, Kate and Michelle came over on Saturday for a little girl’s night fun. We decided that it would be a great time to do some crafts. The one that worked out best was the salt dough impressions (link includes ingredients and directions). This is by far the easiest thing to mix together, but the hardest thing to hold a child still for.

     The reason why I say go for this option when it comes to childhood memories is because this is a lot less painful than the naked bath tub pictures or the not so flattering middle school yearbook photos. This limits the criticism to “look how messy that print is” or “how big could a 6 month old child’s feet really get?” Plus, the parent can always decorate it to be a lot more decorative. We will see what I am going to do with Peyton’s. But, here is how it all went:

Michelle mixing, rolling, and shaping our dough.
Kate taking a picture of me and getting her daughter ready to go feet first into the dough. 

     It was so much fun until I had to try and do Peyton’s hands. His feet were a piece of cake, but his hands were almost impossible. I had to fight with him a little for those hands. But, this was the final product:

Hands, Peyton’s are on the left.
Feet, Peyton’s are on the left again.

     We still plan to decorate, but so far this is what we have. The feet turned out great compared to the hands, but that’s ok. What ways do you plan to share your child’s growth? Photos? Pictures? Artwork? Etc? Any other good suggestions?


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