Professor Peyton Teaching Mommy 101

This would not be specific to Mother’s Day. Courtesy of Google Images.

Class Description: This class teaches you all the basics from how to entertain during diaper changing, dressing for comfort not for style, burping techniques, and so much more. We will delve into sounds of distraction, multiple binky uses, and things that may sound “the alarm”. Our major areas of study also include diets causing gas, various colors/volume/consistency of poop, and most importantly… the shapes, styles, colors, and speeds of nipples.

     I have been mother to my son Peyton seven weeks and four days. Of that time, everything has been a learning experience. As of recently he is teaching me even more. With him every day is not only a life lesson of patience and love, but a trying time of when “the alarm” will sound.
Definition of “the alarm” – The resounding scream that comes from a small creature. This sound can start at any time for any reason. Normally this sound is associated with unpleasantness, frustration, or pain and in most cases can be stopped by a binky or a breast.
He has shown me that all things in small packages carry a large voice. He is the one person I can’t reason with under any circumstances and therefore have to entertain in order to keep happy. We have perfected our dancing, singing, and song writing in ways that Julliard would find disgraceful. Our team of experts are still trying to decode the messages he sends us by facial expression, but one smile from him and we know that we are doing something right.
     My son has been my new challenge. He is my crossword puzzle, my rubik’s cube, my riddle. He is everything I could have imagined and more… oh so much more! I wouldn’t trade his screams for silence. I wouldn’t trade his poop for a clean rear. I would much rather spend the time to get to know him and enjoy every smile, every facial expression, and every finger grab. God sent him to me for a reason. He is the child I was meant to mother. He is the reason I wanted to be a mother.
     In the Mommy 101 class, I can’t fail. The only way I fail is by giving up. Every new method I try or technique I perfect can go unnoticed until I face the smile… then it is all worth while.
     Do you have a child in your life that has this affect on you (son, daughter, niece, nephew, etc.)? What do you consider the first significant thing you learned about that child and why?

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