Gutierrez House Rules

     As a part of joining Weight Watchers, they want to help you take control of some of the things in your life. I decided that some of the things I needed to take control of were most importantly in my immediate surroundings. It would make me feel better and make me feel like I don’t have such a chaotic house. Plus, the added bonus of making me feel like I have some order in all this madness makes me feel just a little more sane. Here is what I have come up with:

Welcome Home!
Gutierrez House Rules
1.      First and foremost, we love each other, so SHOW IT. Whenever one of you leaves the house or comes home make sure to give that person a smile, hug, and kiss. (A good “I love you” is always welcomed too.)
2.      No food or beverages (except breast milk and water) beyond this point. Yep, you guessed it… you get to leave your snack, soda, etc. right here in the trash can beneath this notice.
3.      All clothes are to be put in one of two places: the dirty clothes hamper or hung up in the closet.Each item found on the floor will be promptly tossed in the donation bag at 8am the following morning if not placed in one of the two locations and donated at the end of the week.
4.      All DVDs or Blu-Ray Disks are to be placed back in their prospective cases after they have been used and put away in the TV stand. If any are found out on the floor or on top of the TV stand, they will promptly be placed in the donation bag at 8am the following morning and donated at the end of the week.
5.      The computer is to be used properly. Once the user is finished with it, they must turn it off and placed nicely in the computer bag.
6.      If you are the first one home, take some time to go visit with the Wawa’s. They have missed you and they probably need to go potty. This is also the time you can confirm that their bedding is reasonable and that they have been fed.
a.       Bedding is to be cleaned two times a week.
b.      Wawas are to be bathed every two weeks(On the 1st and 15th of every month.)
c.       Wawa feeding time is at 2:00pm. If you are unable to be home at that time, food is to be left in the crate with them beforeyou leave.
7.      Keidy is always on the prowl (unless unattended by one of us, in that case she is in the crate with the Wawas), so check on her. That means she is probably following you around here somewhere and would like some attention from you. When you do bump into her please confirm that she has been fed and that she has not gotten herself in trouble.
a.       Keidy’s litter is to be cleaned every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Scoop it, replenish it, and vacuum the area of all litter debris.
b.      Keidy’s feeding time is at 3:00pm. If you are unable to be home at that time, food is to be left in the bowl for her beforeyou leave.
c.       Keidy is to be placed in the crate with the Wawas any time you are to leave the house (for brief periods of the day time, if it is to be longer than a few hours other accommodations must be made) and at night before going to sleep.
8.      No late night meals!We are a family and dinner is to be held a table before the wee hours of the evening.
9.      Don’t be afraid to nap.When Peyton is asleep, you need to catch some “Zzzzzz’s”. We don’t want a cranky baby, Momma, or Daddy.
10.  The vacuum is to be used frequently. There is no harm in a clean floor. Vacuum when you need to, especially the hallway and Momma and Daddy’s room. Every time you vacuum, you empty the dirt collecting container… every time!
11.  The bathroom is to be kept in an orderly fashion. No more crap everywhere.
a.       No towels on the floor.If you will be reusing it, you hang it on the back of the door. If the towel is dirty, you place it in the dirty clothes hamper.
b.      When you are done shaving, using the deodorant, doing your hair, or doing your make-up put the items you used away in the cabinet below the sink and in the medicine cabinet. Do not leave anything out on the counter. We do not need clutter.
c.       After brushing your teeth, put the cap back on the tooth paste and put your tooth brush in the holder.Again, do not leave anything out on the counter and make sure that the items are put in the proper place.
d.      Make sure that the shower mat is placed correctly in the shower after using it, and if you are done using one of the razors, dispose of it. Do not leave the shower mat in disarray and do not leave rusty razors around the tub, it is not safe. When you are still using a razor, place it in the caddy hanging from the shower head; do not leave it loose around the tub for the cat, dogs, or baby to get to.
e.       Take out the bathroom garbage every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. (The bathroom garbage is to always have a grocery store bag in it for easy disposal. If you dump it, replace the bag as necessary.) We do not want it to overflow so the cat, dogs, or baby can get to it. Plus, it’s just plain gross.
f.       The towels neatly folded and hung on the back of the door are for decoration only. Do not use them for showers or to clean off the counter. The smallest folded towel is the hand towel for wiping your hands dry after washing only, not to clean the floor, wipe down the counters, or to dry the mirror.
12.  Make sure all shoes are placed in the closet neatly when they come off your feet. Under no circumstances is it acceptable for them to be placed in the hallway or in a designated walk way. We do not want any trips and/or falls and we want to keep our shoes in good condition.
13.  The kitchen is to remain clean and orderly. We do not need ants or any other critter finding the yummy things we create in the kitchen because then they will never want to leave.
a.       If you use a dish, cup, or utensil… wash it or put it in the dish washer right away. Don’t wait until you forget about it.
b.      Do not take any of dishes, cups, utensils, pots, pans, knives, etc. out of the kitchen. This is their home and this is where they are expected to stay.
c.       All food is expected to be put away properly after using it. If you have left overs, put them in a storage container (Tupperware or ziplock bag) and put it in the fridge. Do not under any circumstances put whole pots, pans, casserole dishes, half eaten plates, etc. in the fridge; that is how bacteria gets to other food.
d.      When the dishes are cleaned in the dishwasher, put them away every evening before dinner. This allows an empty dishwasher for new dirty dishes to come after dinner, and it makes sure that we have clean dishes to use when we have our family meals.
e.       Wipe down the counter top after every use. Even if you didn’t spill anything. Just do it to humor me.
f.       The kitchen floor is to be swept and mopped once a week. There is no need to have a dirty floor, especially because we know spills and accidents happen throughout the week.
g.      Make sure the kitchen table is cleared off of all items at all times so we can have our family meals there. If there are clean dishes there, put them away. If there is food there, put it in the refrigerator or in the cupboard. If there is miscellaneous items there, relocate them. This is where we will have our family meals, make it a nice, enjoyable spot.

     That’s how I hope to bring some sanity to my life. Do you have any house rules? What makes you feel like your house has order? If you do have house rules, how to do enforce them? Well, wish me luck on implementation. Have a great weekend.


4 thoughts on “Gutierrez House Rules

  1. Honey child – those rules would be all well and good if you were all robots – you are all human beings and living is a messy business. Too many rules will only set you up for failure and frustration. I tried for the first 5 years to keep to similar rules and all it did was piss me off when I had to continually clean up after Mike. I even tried not cleaning anything to see he would get the hint – a month later we had no clean dishes, no clean towels, no clean sheets and no food left in the cupboard. Set 2 or 3 rules and once those become a habit then you can add a couple of more. But if you do set all these rules and can keep them up for 6 months let me know so I can prove to Mike that it is possible to not live in a pig pen!

  2. LOL! Well we are not Stepford people, but we are going to work on things. I am proud that we have been keeping up on the dishes and kitchen so far… the other items are a work in progress.

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