Month 2: Picky Peyton

     I am planning on posting a monthly update on my boy here, and I am about two weeks late on this, but I am going to do it anyways because I know I will want these for my memories and hopefully to remind him of all the fun we had when he was a baby.

Age: Two Months or eight weeks and five days or how ever else you would like to break it down.

Weight: 10lbs, 11oz.

Height: 23 inches or almost a whole two feet tall!

Likes: You have certainly found a lot of likes already at your two month old state. The binky has become your ultimate accessory. Mommy and Daddy are the loves of your lives, but you do occasionally enjoy the company of your grandparents. You seemed to have a mild addiction to your activity gym and go nuts every time we lay you under it. Funny faces entertain the bee-geezes out of you, you can never get enough. Your feet and legs have become your most favorite asset because you hate it when they are confined or other wise limited. John Mayor has officially struck a chord with you and you are also enjoying some Sarah McLahlan. Oh, and your baths have become an all time favorite time of the day for you.

Dislikes: Dirty diapers… you must be changed immediately after you go in them or you start to fuss. Missing socks are a big “no, no”. You have absolutely no patience with people when you are hungry (but, in all fairness, who could blame you). Sitting still is not something you enjoy either, motion is a complete necessity.

Food: We are stuck on breast milk for a while, but that is just fine with you. We have limited Mommy’s Chinese food though since it causes very uncomfortable gas.

Firsts: We of course have had your first documented smile. The first round of shots were in full effect and gave you a nasty little fever, but you took it like a champ. You graduated from newborn clothes to 0-3months/3month. Things are also slowly falling into your grasp and you have been grabbing things (i.e. his activity gym figures, your penguin rattle, my hair, etc.). You also had your first nap in your crib and our first night back at our place. Full conversations (in baby talk) have become quite common as well.

Movement: You have successfully accomplished lifting your head and turning it every which way. Leg strength is also a huge thing right now. We are still very limited with pushing off on the arms, but we know that is just around the corner.

Over All: You seem to be enjoying yourself for the most part. We still have a little trouble reading your every need right off the bat, but Mommy and Daddy are continuing to work on it. Daddy has been home for the first two months of your life and now he is headed back to work… lets see how Mommy can deal. You are such a joy to have around. You smile and teach Mommy and Daddy something new every single day. It’s so much fun to see you grow and do new things. Mommy and Daddy are so excited to see how you grow.


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