What Motivates You?

     Prior to getting pregnant, I was working on losing some weight. After my successful pregnancy and arrival of my son, I am again working on my weight. I started that at the beginning of the year. This meant getting in a program that makes me comfortable. I started Weight Watchers.

Through this program I wanted to lose a lot of my pregnancy weight and even some additional weight beyond that. I suppose I should air out the fact that my weight was shameful at the end of my pregnancy. I was weighing in at a whopping 305lbs. Yes, it was terrible. A lot of it was water weight, but none the less, it was not something I would ever want to return to, even in a future pregnancy.
     After I had Peyton, between November 10th and January 3rd when I started weight watchers I went down to 266.4lbs. That is a total of 38.6lbs lost in total. Then from January 3rd to now, I have dropped down to 252.2lbs. This is another drop of 14.2lbs. That a total loss from my pregnancy weight of 52.8lbs. I feel like I am just at the beginning of my journey so far, but I have already lost over 50lbs.
I am working on my next 50lbs now. I really want to be sure that I accomplish this goal. It would bring me back to how I was back in high school. Of course, then I was a cross country runner and working two jobs. Now, between taking care of my little wild man, four chihuahuas, a keidy, and my husband I am hoping that I can compare a little.

     I am working toward this health goal and one other financial goal. But, the biggest motivator for both of these goals are for my son and future family. I want to be able to run around with my son and future children. I don’t want to be winded at the first sight of play. I don’t want to be exhausted at the mere sight of sports activities or playing on the play ground. I want to be just as active as my kids. With the weight loss it will make it easier on my body to keep up. It will also help me bond with my children.

     What are you currently working on and what is your motivation for it? Have you accomplished your goal yet? Have you had to overcome any struggles to accomplish your goal?


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