Weight Watchers Week 6

This weeks activity: Lost 4.4lbs!

Total Lost: 25lbs
25lbs of beans!
And the award goes to… my walking! If it hasn’t been for my walking and my walking partners, Peyton, Kate, and Natalie (my pinch hitter is Hubby) I wouldn’t be where I am right now. I am thoroughly enjoying getting out of my comfort zone and walking. I like that I can walk inside or outside and feel like I got a little workout. I also love that I am able to get out of the house and get some fresh air with Peyton. He probably needs it just as much as I do.

Get working on my game by… trying out the Nike Training Center app. I still haven’t been able to do it like I had wanted to last week, so I am going to shoot for it again this coming week. I want to get this body toned up so I don’t look like a mother of a 3 month old.

I can’t get no… breakfast. I am still struggling to get breakfast to be apart of my routine. Unfortunately I end up going straight to lunch because of how my timing works between feeding Peyton, taking care of the wawas, and showering. 
I have a dream… of being the kind of parent able to run around with my kids. I have to constantly remind myself of the reason why I am trying to get the weight off. It makes me reconsider that chocolate cake or that morning doughnut. I don’t want that for myself anymore. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.
Are we there yet? I know I am not there, but I am looking forward to my final destination on my weight loss journey. I know it’s going to be hard and I am just going to have to stay focused and work on eating right to keep my progress going in the right direction.
How are things going with your weight loss journey? What are you doing to exercise? Have any new fun ideas that you would like to share? Recipes? Tips?

Day 13 – Walk

     I have been walking, and walking, and walking, and walking lately. Yes, I suppose you can say that I have been getting a bunch of miles under my belt. I have been using the Map My Walk app. It’s pretty awesome and I get to keep track of my routes that I take. I love my walks. I get to go with some of my favorite people and get to see some amazing areas. Not to mention, it makes me feel GOOD!

Day 12: Where You Ate Lunch

     Ok, so I didn’t do where I ate lunch, but I did do where Peyton ate lunch. It wasn’t because I didn’t eat lunch, it’s because lunch was on the go. I didn’t really sit and eat it anywhere. So, as a good substitute, I pictured Peyton and I in the middle of his lunch. We have some pretty awesome photos, so it’s not that bad of an exchange.

     Don’t you just love how freakin’ cute he is?!?!?

Day 11: Entrance

     This kids room is like a disaster zone and when he is asleep this room is off limits. We keep the door closed, monitor on, and all talking to take place in a 10ft radius of the door and surrounding walls must be no louder than a whisper. It is kinda crazy, but at the same time, it’s necessary. LOL!

3 Months: I can’t believe it!

We have approached his three month mark. Here is how it’s all been going:
New Discoveries: He has officially discovered his fingers. Yep, he has fingers and he can use them people. He has also discovered that he can tell these fingers what to do, where to go, what to grab. Toys have also filled his day with some activity. He seems to be most enthralled with this ball that he can man handle and throw around, but grasping is a thing of the past and he is working on more motor skills as the days go by. TV is also another thing he seems to find most entertaining, which is not so good. I have been trying to keep him away from it, but any time it is on around him his eyes are automatically glued and I have to either take him out of the room or turn it off to break the eye contact. The thing that seems to successfully distract him from the TV is reading. Yep, the kid loves to read books with his Mommy. I read to him and point out things on the page or take his hands and toes to interact with the book. He is really loving the bright colors on the pages and it seems to relax him too.
Schedule Changes: We went from napping constantly to about 2-3 really good naps a day. We have one in the early morning, one in the afternoon that only lasts about an hour, and then a night time nap. His feedings have adjusted a little too. No more every three hours, but before every nap and right when he wakes up. Mommy firmly believes that is why the surplus of wet/dirty diapers. He goes through about 8-10 diapers a day.
Outings: We have experimented with one restaurant (Cheesecake Factory), which went rather well. Mommy and Daddy need to research restaurants with changing facilities in the restrooms. This will be a new requirement for any eatery or indoor activity. We have also encountered a park (Oakley Baseball Fields), a mall (Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton), and a coffee shop (Starbucks). Most have been a success, only 2 have ended in fussiness and quick exits.
Public Display of… Breast Feeding! Yep, I have had to bear it all so the boy could get his grub on twice. I wouldn’t say it’s the most comfortable, but I am proud to say I can do it. We survived chilling weather outside a Starbucks and stifling heat in a Straw Hat. All done for the good of Peyton. I am sure humanity didn’t appreciate it nearly as much as he did.
Give me death or give me…THE BINKY. The reason why I say THE BINKY, is because it’s not just a binky. It’s not one I can just whip out of the diaper bag. He has a particular binky that if not within reach will make him sound the alarm, and the alarm can only be stopped by THE BINKY. I am honestly surprised he did not come out of the vah-jay with this thing.
I leave you with…a freakin’ great kid. He is still amazing to me. Watching his firsts are so eye opening to me. Seeing him get excited over something as little as grabbing on to my fingers or me saying “ooga booga”. He just loves life. I do have to say I worry a little and this saying really says it all…

I definitely have my days where I worry if I am just screwing up in every way possible. I don’t feed him fast enough or he doesn’t get changed when he needs to or maybe I should have remembered that toy that he loves. I figure that I have a good 18 year to lifetime minimum of when I can really mess up my son, so I might as well let it go and see what happens. So far, so good. Now, cheers to another month and many more to come.

Day 10 – Three O’Clock

     Ok, I was really late, but I have an excellent excuse. See, I was in the shower at 3:00pm and Peyton was waking up from his nap. I had to call to him through the monitor because I was still trying to finish up that shower. Then when I finally got out of the shower I just rant to his aide. While I was in there trying to entertain him I had to dry off and get dressed. Then I had to change a full diaper and start feeding him. So, this picture is at 3:42pm in between our feeding. At least I got it before it was 4:00pm.

2013 Resolutions: 6 Weeks in Review


     The New Year’s resolutions didn’t so much get kicked off with a bang. Unfortunetly it more or less started with a slow crawl. No, I didn’t start gung-hoe on January 1st. It’s more like I “trucked” (my new word for the “f-word” since I am no longer cussing) for the first few days, and then I made the transition to following my rules. Cussing has been the easiest so far. I thought of all things that would be a hard one to take care of, but no… compared to the others, cussing is the least of my problems. With some of the others I had to start small.

     Making time for myself was significantly more challenging. I decided that it would be a good idea to start with enjoying a shower on my own. (Note: I love that this also works for personal hygene!) My showers however brief were where I could just stop and think, sing and dance, or just cry in the comfort of the tile walls and myself. This is really where the magic happens. No matter what mother tries to say otherwise, the shower is a sanctuary. 
     Getting out has been eclectically impossible, however some how we do it. Our first week we managed to escape one house to go straight to another. (We were staying with my parents for a bit while we were getting adjusted to life with Peyton. So, we were between their place and ours for about eight weeks.) Even the drive was nice, but still exhausting because Peyton was not quite comfortable in a car seat. He was a trooper though and let Mommy feel a little more normal by being able to ride around in a car.

     Eating has been better. It took some time for me to really focus on this. I was able to manage lunch and dinner no problem. The breakfast and snacks thing is what’s killing me. If babies had their way their mothers breakfast and snacks would fall right off the menu. I started weight watchers to really get a focus on how I manage my eating, focus on what I am putting in my mouth, and allow me some wiggle room so I don’t feel like I am depriving myself all the time.


     I kept up most of my resolutions. It really came down to a couple things… one, how bad did I want it? I want it real bad. Two, do you think you deserve it? Hell yes! These were all well deserved. Three, did you make it important enough so you can make that change? Yes, I thought that time for me, time to eat, and time for Ben and me is imperative. This is how it has been most recently.

     My time for myself has gone a little outside the shower, which has been great. This has turned from not just shower alone time, but time after bed alone time and walking time. I have made time after Peyton and Hubby are off to dreamland for me to just sit and lounge. That is how I have time for this right now, but it is also some time where I can sit and enjoy a movie of my choice or read some of my favorite blogs or whatever. It gives me time to unwind. The other thing that is definitely time for me is my walks. I have joined a girl friend of mine and we have started walking through out the week. This is time for me to focus on something I want while bringing Peyton along for an outing and making me feel a little more alive.

     Getting out has been a much bigger challenge. I had to admit I thought it would be much easier than what I thought, but I have been finding some small ways to do it. I have been going to my weekly Weight Watchers meeting. This is huge! Before all I could do was go weigh in and then take off, now I am able to go weigh in and sit and enjoy the company of these Weight Watchers and discuss. It has been amazing. I also went on my first real outing with my boys. We went to Pleasanton, enjoyed a meal at Cheesecake Factory, and we walked around the mall. It was thrilling and liberating. I am looking forward to a trip to San Jose, Concord, and a few other locations soon.

     My eating is still a work in progress. I have definitely found some time to improve though. I have been enjoying breakfast I would say about three out of seven days a week. I have been getting lunch in, but it has been a late lunch since my little guy has some funky nap times, and then dinner is a guarantee. I have been including more fruits and veggies in my food selection too. To be completely honest, I hate veggies but I eat them for my health and it has been making me feel so much better. I don’t feel as “yuck” as I used to. I have a ton more energy and it makes me feel like I am making more conscious decisions though out my life, not just my eating habits.

     Overall everything is going pretty well. Now, the challenge is to just keep it up. I will just need to follow up again to let you know how it’s going. Next check in will be in May. I know we can keep it going, now just to prove it!

     How are your resolutions going? Have you made any progress? What are your feelings on any failed resolutions? Any option of recovery? Look forward to hearing from you.