Should I stay or should I go?

     You all know that the boss lady called and “offered” me a “promotion” and a new apartment at a discounted rate. I am sure you were all able to review the prior post with her offer. But, this post is my evaluation of her offer. It essentially is a pro’s and con’s list.

     I suppose I should tell you what this promotion would entail… this promotion comes with the title of course, but the other parts are the best part. The job comes with more… not money, not fame, but responsibility. I don’t get any kind of increase, but I do get to be the one they call if there is an emergency on the property. I also get this great desk with all the paperwork to go through. I also get the pick of my weekly hours, all 60 of them, and I am privileged to only get paid for 40 of them.

     This job, as much as it would pain me to leave it, is not my favorite. I have done the live at work thing and it did not seem to settle well with me. I ended up in therapy. I have a son and a marriage that I need to take care of now. I can’t afford twelve hour days and never ending phone calls about tenant issues. I can’t afford to miss out on first laughs, crawling, and bed times. I have deprived myself of “Ben and Me” time, snuggling, and romance… it did not go well. I would miss my life as a mother and a wife too much. I will not subject myself to that all over again.

     My life would be grand with more money. Whose life wouldn’t be great with out more money? My question is what is worth giving up for that money? In my eyes, the time with my son and husband is not worth the increase in cash flow. I would rather sacrifice on certain things than suffer the life of always working. That and even without this income Ben and I are able to provide and save for our family. If we were in a position where we needed the money, then I would be forced to have an alternative response to it all. I just remember what it was like and holding myself together long enough to walk through the office doors was nightmare enough. Ugh!

     The thought of the apartment was tempting, but that would mean going back to Tracy. I would hate being away from my friends and family, plus I can’t imagine living where I work again. So I would like to pose the question… what would be your magic number? The value of money that would make it worth your while to go back to work if you are a stay at home mom (SAHM). Do you have a value? If not, what is your reason not to go back to work?

*** I wrote this post right after hearing from my boss the first time about this alleged “promotion”. About a month later I went into the office to check in, show off my boy, and ask some questions about this “promotion”. I never got to even ask during the conversation if I would actually get an increase with this promotion. So, when I went into the office of course they had some additional staff there because they needed to find a replacement for both myself (temp) and my former co-worker. Long story short, it was all bogus. The “offer” was crap. The “promotion” was a rouse to get me to come back early because nothing has been processed, nothing was “in the works”, it was all garbage. If I had taken her up on her offer I would have come back to nothing new. Not even the new title. This just validated me and my reasoning for not taking the “new position” and for not returning to work. I am glad I found this out now and didn’t dwell on the “what if’s”.***


2 thoughts on “Should I stay or should I go?

  1. I wish I could have stayed at home longer with my son but after 10 months we were starting to need the extra income no matter how small it was, It was also great for Toby to go to daycare and be around others his age.

    I wont be going back when the next one is born.

    Following back from Young mum's guide to survival.

  2. Hey Jayme! I am hoping that it won't come to that, but the added social contact for Peyton is always a bonus.

    Thank you for your visit and I hope you have a great weekend and I look forward to getting to know you better. 😀

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