Weight Watchers Week 4 in Review

     Weight Watchers week four… that means I have been on the program almost a whole month. Lets see where that leaves us.

Weight Lost: 4.8lbs

Total Weight Lost: 19lbs

Wish I would have… Been able to focus on getting some activity in my days. Now with the good weather and fixed stroller flat I have no excuses. Gotta get that rear in gear!

Girl did good by… Going to the meeting this time and staying the whole time! Yes, I have been an absentee Weight Watcher. I missed the first 3 meetings since I have started, but this week my date (Peyton) and I got to stick around for the whole thing. Psst… I loved it.

Routines I’m Rockin’: I have finally been able to give up on those sweets I have been craving. Wanna know how?!?! I will share my secret no worries. I have been addicted to Special K Fruit & Yogurt. It’s SO good! That is my desert. I don’t do ice cream or candy or cake {oooooooh cake, how you are missed} like I used to, but I get to enjoy the sweet yet healthier taste of cereal.

What would you do if… You were celebrating your 20lbs lost? Would you take a short day trip to downtown Walnut Creek to go window shopping and walk a whole lot {gotta get in those activity points some how}or would you head to San Jose and do laps around the Flea Market plus maybe some fresh fruit/veggies from the farmers market or would you do some laps at the Concord Mall with a movie at the Drive-In to polish it off? I want to do some kind of celebration, so help me pick something fun and semi-active to do.

Downtown Walnut Creek
San Jose Flea Market
Concord Solano Drive-In

Keep your head on straight because… You will not lose weight like this all the time. It’s exciting to see the scale jump down numbers like it has, but realize there will come a time when you will need to put in a lot more effort than just eating right. Keep your eye on the prize though. We want to slim down and get ready for baby number two {not yet people, just get ready… we don’t want another round of preeclampsia when I do get pregnant again}.


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