The Wee-Wee vs. The Vah-Jay

     When any couple discovers that they are pregnant there are a few things that occur. First there is the brief moment of panic. No one, no matter how long you have been waiting to have a child, can say that the overwhelming sense of panic doesn’t just hit you like a ton of bricks… “Are we ready for this?!?!? Forget that… am I ready for this?!?!” AND, “Can we afford this? With a kid comes diapers… should I start getting some now… I wonder how long they stay in diapers… I don’t even know how to change a diaper, CRAP!” AND there is always the positive thinker, “We can do this… I am sure we can do this… we can handle a kid, I am great with kids… but what if we break it… I mean if not physically, emotionally or even worse… mentally?!?!”

   After the panic slowly gets pushed back in to the deep depths of procrastination, there is the euphoric excitement. Your first question is, “do you want a boy or a girl?” Hubby and I always thought about how we would be so anxious to have a little girl. He wanted a child that looked like me {poor baby} and I wanted a little thing to dress up and accessorize. Of course parenting is so much more than that, but in the euphoric state, you don’t think about those other things… all you think about is how much fun you will have with HE or SHE.
     I was blessed with a beautiful boy and I would have it no other way. Was it way off from the girl option? HECK YES, but why is that such a bad thing? Let me explain myself a little better here. I grew up in a family of five where I had two brothers and two wonderful supporting parents. My brothers were exactly that… boys. They played capture the flag, TONKA TRUCKS, sports, built forts, and managed to swing like animals from the household furniture. My parents were amazingly supportive in our extracurricular activities stating that, “Kids that stay busy, stay out of trouble.” So we were put in any kind of sport out there. I didn’t do dance or cheer leading or gymnastics or anything like that. I was one of the boys! I was out there playing baseball with the best of them. Playing basketball with the neighborhood kids was our greatest past time and I was there shooting the ball and blocking lay-ups {as best as I could, I wasn’t very good}. None the less I was apart of the guys. Even in high school all my friends were guys. I had my occasional girl friend, but every day for lunch I would hang out in the quad with my favorite group of guys.
     After the initial wonder of if we would actually have a girl, panic struck again. This is unusual because most parents at this time avoid the panic until labor hits… me, I am more anal about things. I wondered what I would do with a girl. Yeah you can dress them up, but only for so long. Then they want to do it and all you want to do is lock them in the house because what they want to wear is practically their bare skin. What if she didn’t want to play sports? I didn’t know anything about girl scouts or ballet  I barely even know how to apply my own make-up let alone equip a teenage girl with make-up. And boys… me oh my… my poor daughter would be on lock-down. I mean Hubby is already fashioning a chastity belt fit for the future… everything from barbed wire, 10,000 volts of electricity, and an electronic passcode for entry. I mean what would we do?!?!
     Then we found out 20 weeks into the pregnancy that we were going to have a boy. Yes, the Wee-Wee’s beat out the Vah-Jay’s! No worrying about teenage pregnancy or the plethora of stylish shoes and purses or the constant nagging to have that later curfew so you can go to the late night showing of that new horror flick with your hot steamy boyfriend. My BOY would keep me free of that. I have a long life of sports, wrestling, cars, and working with your hands. I have the handsome little devil for my date for the rest of my life. He would be the Momma’s Boy I always wanted. I would get to skip out on the periods, shopping for the “cute” ( underwear, and worrying about those fun girls nights out that turn into boyfriends nights in.
     I now had the freedom to focus on the fun stuff my son would keep me busy with. Yes, boys may be a little more active, but I don’t have to worry about him getting roofied… I do however need to worry about cow tipping, drag racing, and sports injuries. I will have to consider severe punishments for joy riding in the nice car, and getting caught ditching class to stand in line for the latest Jordan shoe release, and crashing the computer cause they were looking up porn.
Those of course will come a little later in life, but all in all… I am so thrilled that I have a son. The Wee-Wee beat out the Vah-Jay this  past pregnancy. Who knows what we will be up against in the future, but a Momma can only hope for a boy.
     What sex child do you think would be easier, boy or girl? Why? Well hope you all have a wonderful day.

*** I know that both boys and girls have their own challenges when it comes to raising them, and I would be blessed to have a daughter. This is just a fun little blog celebrating that I had a son. But, just so you know I would be so wonderfully overwhelmed if I had a daughter. This is mostly for humor purposes. ***


4 thoughts on “The Wee-Wee vs. The Vah-Jay

  1. I had a girl first, a boy now. And so far the boy is by far more high maintenance than the girl was as a baby. Go figure. I've often heard girls are easier than boys.

  2. That is so funny! I was approached by a woman with four kids when I was pregnant and she told me the exact opposite. I suppose it really depends on the child, but it is fun knowing that it really could go either way.

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