Parenting Fail #2

     When you finally think you know, you don’t… you really don’t.

     I thought I was getting a hang of things. I thought I figured things out and everything was on the up and up. Parenting fail #2. Really, I was getting too cocky and he just needed to put me in my place… and he did. Today.

     I was in one of those states of mommy-hood where I thought that I was able to be a little more successful. I thought to myself, “I figured out this little guy and it only took me two and a half months.” Then today happened. Yep, it was like I just took him home from the hospital again. I was clueless to what he wanted. I couldn’t seem to get him to take an actual, solid nap (he was only available for 10-30 minute cat naps). Then when it came to eating it was all over the place. I tell you, I must have breastfed at least 10 times today. The lengths of feedings were so erratic too! Some would be for like 20 minutes, the next would be for only eight. It was crazy! And finally… {Psst… a little TMI here… its regarding poop.} His poop was a totally different color and consistency (it was a slightly more green color and it was a little thinner than it had been before). It completely threw me for a loop.

     In response to all that, I caved and called the advice nurse. No, he doesn’t have a temperature. No, he is not bleeding out of one of his orifices. Yes, he is still pooping and peeing. Yes, he still is eating and has an appetite  Then the advice nurse asked, “So, what is the problem?” Then I thought to myself, “Oh Stephanie, you are ridicules.”

     He is having an off day. Everyone does! Just because today is different doesn’t mean that anything is wrong. Then the advice nurse told me something and it just made me smile, “he is going to change things up on you a lot.” As much as I would like to know these changes ahead of time, I am sure that is part of the fun of being a parent. I do have a fear of the unknown, who doesn’t? The thing about parenting is that I need to learn that things will change, I will not be in control, the schedule is that there is no set schedule. This boy has a lot to teach me that is for sure. I guess I just needed an advice nurse to tell me that. {Smile}

     How have your views on parenting changed since you had your first child? Did you ever have a moment like mine when you thought you figured this parenting thing out and you were way off? What threw you off? For those who are not parents, did you ever have to teach your parents/guardian something? Something that threw them for a loop? What was it?


2 thoughts on “Parenting Fail #2

  1. Oh my goodness just like everyday 🙂 lol. I personally think all those sleep books are missing one super important piece of information… there will never be a 100% sleep scheduled. There just won't.

    Once you get them sleeping through the night they start teething and are up constantly. Then they cut out their second nap which messes with bedtime. They go into a big kid bed and you start all over again…

    It's a constant adaptation process to their ever changing patterns of babyhood. Sorry sister 🙂 But don't worry. Just like you said he'll tell you when he'd not feeling something. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Oh I am slowly learning this. Sleeping is going to be a huge challenge when it comes to teething, which I am pretty sure is well on his way. He is sucking and chewing his fingers. This boy will be constantly changing and I am just going to have to try and keep up. 🙂

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