Week Number: 5

Weight Lost: 1.6lbs

Total Lost: 20.6lbs, WOOHOO! I finally hit my 20lbs lost marker! Time to celebrate!

Reality Check: One case of paper is 20lbs! OMG! Crazy!

Did you make or break your week? Kind of both. I made my week because I started up walking again with my good friend Kate with our occasional visitor Michelle. I broke my week by eating out way too much! It was Panda that, Wendy’s this. All Weight Watcher friendly foods, but something that I just got way too comfortable with. I also kept forgetting to eat. No bueno!

You are a… BUM! You need to get off your rear and cook! Try some new recipes. Stop being a chicken and just do it.

Things to try… Your new Nike Training Club app on your phone. Take just one day and do some of the routines/workouts. You don’t even have to do it for long. Just do 20 minutes worth and see how you like it.

You need to… CELEBRATE! You just lost 20lbs! Now, don’t throw it all away and eat a 20lb turkey in one sitting, but find something that you can do that will be fun and active and go DO IT!

What did you do this week? Did you do something well or poorly? Anything you would like advice on or anything that you would like to offer to me as advice? I am all ears and I hope you have had as good a week as I have. On to week number 6!