3 Months: I can’t believe it!

We have approached his three month mark. Here is how it’s all been going:
New Discoveries: He has officially discovered his fingers. Yep, he has fingers and he can use them people. He has also discovered that he can tell these fingers what to do, where to go, what to grab. Toys have also filled his day with some activity. He seems to be most enthralled with this ball that he can man handle and throw around, but grasping is a thing of the past and he is working on more motor skills as the days go by. TV is also another thing he seems to find most entertaining, which is not so good. I have been trying to keep him away from it, but any time it is on around him his eyes are automatically glued and I have to either take him out of the room or turn it off to break the eye contact. The thing that seems to successfully distract him from the TV is reading. Yep, the kid loves to read books with his Mommy. I read to him and point out things on the page or take his hands and toes to interact with the book. He is really loving the bright colors on the pages and it seems to relax him too.
Schedule Changes: We went from napping constantly to about 2-3 really good naps a day. We have one in the early morning, one in the afternoon that only lasts about an hour, and then a night time nap. His feedings have adjusted a little too. No more every three hours, but before every nap and right when he wakes up. Mommy firmly believes that is why the surplus of wet/dirty diapers. He goes through about 8-10 diapers a day.
Outings: We have experimented with one restaurant (Cheesecake Factory), which went rather well. Mommy and Daddy need to research restaurants with changing facilities in the restrooms. This will be a new requirement for any eatery or indoor activity. We have also encountered a park (Oakley Baseball Fields), a mall (Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton), and a coffee shop (Starbucks). Most have been a success, only 2 have ended in fussiness and quick exits.
Public Display of… Breast Feeding! Yep, I have had to bear it all so the boy could get his grub on twice. I wouldn’t say it’s the most comfortable, but I am proud to say I can do it. We survived chilling weather outside a Starbucks and stifling heat in a Straw Hat. All done for the good of Peyton. I am sure humanity didn’t appreciate it nearly as much as he did.
Give me death or give me…THE BINKY. The reason why I say THE BINKY, is because it’s not just a binky. It’s not one I can just whip out of the diaper bag. He has a particular binky that if not within reach will make him sound the alarm, and the alarm can only be stopped by THE BINKY. I am honestly surprised he did not come out of the vah-jay with this thing.
I leave you with…a freakin’ great kid. He is still amazing to me. Watching his firsts are so eye opening to me. Seeing him get excited over something as little as grabbing on to my fingers or me saying “ooga booga”. He just loves life. I do have to say I worry a little and this saying really says it all…

I definitely have my days where I worry if I am just screwing up in every way possible. I don’t feed him fast enough or he doesn’t get changed when he needs to or maybe I should have remembered that toy that he loves. I figure that I have a good 18 year to lifetime minimum of when I can really mess up my son, so I might as well let it go and see what happens. So far, so good. Now, cheers to another month and many more to come.


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