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February 2013

Mommy’s Day Out!

     You know that movie, Baby’s Day Out? It is a great little movie, and quite funny if I do say so myself. If you are not too familiar with it or you have never seen it feel free to check out the the trailer for it below…

It’s pretty cute, huh? Well, just like in the movie {ok, not exactly like in the movie}, I had a Mommy’s Day Out! I suppose I should explain some, so here goes.
     Since I had Peyton, which was back in November I have been waiting. I waited for him to get his first round of shots, then for me to be comfortable and confident enough to bring a bottle along, and then even for me to feel confident enough to calm a fussy baby in public. These are all things I had serious concerns about when it came to taking my boy out and about. It’s one thing if he has a meltdown at home, it’s a completely different story if he does it in a grocery store or restaurant. So, today Hubby and I decided it was time to venture out, plus we wanted to celebrate my 20lbs lost by doing something active!
     My Mommy’s Day Out consisted of baby joining us of course and so did Hubby. We packed ourselves up and went out to Pleasanton. This is the nice part of the Bay Area. {Yes, this is where the wealthy people live, eat, and breathe.} Since the weather was not all that fantastic and my normal walking buddy was at work, I wanted to still get that walk in, but do it indoors. Now, where the hell can a girl go to walk around a good stretch of space and stay dry? A mall! Yep, we headed over to the Stoneridge Mall and went nuts.
     To this walker here, this mall has two long levels of walking bliss. The added bonus is that it has a Cheesecake Factory too. We took advantage of the space and the food. We ate first and I did my favorite grilled salmon with salad and broccoli, Hubby had his hamburger {he is a carnivore}. Then we both took part in some cheesecake. I mean there is no point in going to the Cheesecake Factory without getting some cheesecake. We splurged! Now I didn’t go too overboard like we normally do and get a whole cheesecake to take home. All we did was get two slices to share.

30th Anniversary Chocolate Cake Cheesecake
Lemon Raspberry Cream Cheesecake

This was one of my favorite parts of today! Now, I didn’t over do it, but it was just enough. Although, I don’t think I am meant to be a lover of chocolate cheesecake. I much rather have fruit with my cheesecake.

     After our yummy lunch, we got to really enjoy ourselves. I set my Map My Walk app on my phone and we went nuts. We walked everywhere. We pretty much speed walked the whole mall and through a number of the stores. Our walk was even tracked for the full 53 minutes and 40 seconds of activity. It totally reminded me of when my Aunt Deborah and I would go out all day to go shopping. We would do even worse damage than our walk and Ben and I went a whopping 4.72 miles. I can only imagine what kind of ground me and my Aunt used to cover.

     Once our walk was over were were nice and hot, and we were ready to go… but we had to make one final stop. We had to get some shoes for the Hubby. We shopped at Footlocker and they did not have what we needed, then we went to Champs. Champs has a way better selection and better pricing/deals. We got his new pair of Jordans. I was very happy to get those for him and they were on a super great deal. That was my Valentine’s Day present for him. {Hehehehe!}

     All the while, Peyton was chillin’ in his stroller. I was so proud of my little man. Our first real outing as a family and he was amazing. He was all kinds of smiles and he loved checking out all the new things. It was his first trip to the mall too! I love watching him discover new things. The looks he gives are priceless. He just watched wide eyed as we walked through everywhere. I kept thinking, “I am so lucky to have a wonderful baby who will tolerate this.”

     Our day finally came to a conclusion when traffic time hit and we decided it would be a good time to hit the road. The events of the day left us exhausted as well. Even though it was in the middle of rush hour traffic it only took us about an hour to come home. Whew! Thank goodness! I hate traffic.

     How was your day? What was your week like? When did you feel you could first venture out with your baby? Where did you go? What did you do?


Weight Watchers Week 5 in Review

Week Number: 5

Weight Lost: 1.6lbs

Total Lost: 20.6lbs, WOOHOO! I finally hit my 20lbs lost marker! Time to celebrate!

Reality Check: One case of paper is 20lbs! OMG! Crazy!

Did you make or break your week? Kind of both. I made my week because I started up walking again with my good friend Kate with our occasional visitor Michelle. I broke my week by eating out way too much! It was Panda that, Wendy’s this. All Weight Watcher friendly foods, but something that I just got way too comfortable with. I also kept forgetting to eat. No bueno!

You are a… BUM! You need to get off your rear and cook! Try some new recipes. Stop being a chicken and just do it.

Things to try… Your new Nike Training Club app on your phone. Take just one day and do some of the routines/workouts. You don’t even have to do it for long. Just do 20 minutes worth and see how you like it.

You need to… CELEBRATE! You just lost 20lbs! Now, don’t throw it all away and eat a 20lb turkey in one sitting, but find something that you can do that will be fun and active and go DO IT!

What did you do this week? Did you do something well or poorly? Anything you would like advice on or anything that you would like to offer to me as advice? I am all ears and I hope you have had as good a week as I have. On to week number 6!

Day 7: Your Name

     This one was a fun one! I decided that I would take a picture of our bill for our outing today at Cheesecake Factory. I was able to pay for lunch, which is a rarity with the hubby. He is always a gentleman and treats me, so I did the honor today and we did splurge a little… but in the bill, I got to sign my name. Yep, that is the signature. Believe it or not, I had to change my signature for a few reasons. First off, I got married and I took Hubby’s last name. Secondly, my mother-in-law has the same first and last name as me {crazy, I know}, but as you know she is older than I am and we look/act very differently. In the hopes of not getting our financials confused I have added my middle name/initial to almost everything I do. Fun name stuff, for sure!

Day 6: Soft

     Everyone has a snuggle buddy and this is Peyton’s. It’s soft, its snugly, it is fun to play with, and it’s the perfect size for him. Plus, the bright orange color definitely adds to the appeal. Mommy on the other hand likes to think that Peyton is her cuddle buddy, but we all know that’s just in her head. LOL!

Day 5: Something You Smelled

     I smelled some delicious barbecue chicken that I was cooking. I love to cook and in my attempt to lose weight and get healthy I am cooking a lot more. By cooking I mean barbecuing. One of the things my father always told me is that if anything you can learn to barbecue, you can feed yourself forever if you know how to barbecue. So, like they say, “give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” My Dad taught me how to barbecue and I forever will be fed.

Day Four: Hope

     My hope lies with this boy. He is my hope for so many things. I hope for him. He is my future, he is my family. With him my hope grows. I look forward to seeing him accomplish his own hopes and dreams. He is my boy and I look forward to many more years of hope with this little man.

Parenting Fail #2

     When you finally think you know, you don’t… you really don’t.

     I thought I was getting a hang of things. I thought I figured things out and everything was on the up and up. Parenting fail #2. Really, I was getting too cocky and he just needed to put me in my place… and he did. Today.

     I was in one of those states of mommy-hood where I thought that I was able to be a little more successful. I thought to myself, “I figured out this little guy and it only took me two and a half months.” Then today happened. Yep, it was like I just took him home from the hospital again. I was clueless to what he wanted. I couldn’t seem to get him to take an actual, solid nap (he was only available for 10-30 minute cat naps). Then when it came to eating it was all over the place. I tell you, I must have breastfed at least 10 times today. The lengths of feedings were so erratic too! Some would be for like 20 minutes, the next would be for only eight. It was crazy! And finally… {Psst… a little TMI here… its regarding poop.} His poop was a totally different color and consistency (it was a slightly more green color and it was a little thinner than it had been before). It completely threw me for a loop.

     In response to all that, I caved and called the advice nurse. No, he doesn’t have a temperature. No, he is not bleeding out of one of his orifices. Yes, he is still pooping and peeing. Yes, he still is eating and has an appetite  Then the advice nurse asked, “So, what is the problem?” Then I thought to myself, “Oh Stephanie, you are ridicules.”

     He is having an off day. Everyone does! Just because today is different doesn’t mean that anything is wrong. Then the advice nurse told me something and it just made me smile, “he is going to change things up on you a lot.” As much as I would like to know these changes ahead of time, I am sure that is part of the fun of being a parent. I do have a fear of the unknown, who doesn’t? The thing about parenting is that I need to learn that things will change, I will not be in control, the schedule is that there is no set schedule. This boy has a lot to teach me that is for sure. I guess I just needed an advice nurse to tell me that. {Smile}

     How have your views on parenting changed since you had your first child? Did you ever have a moment like mine when you thought you figured this parenting thing out and you were way off? What threw you off? For those who are not parents, did you ever have to teach your parents/guardian something? Something that threw them for a loop? What was it?

Day 3: Something Beginning with "E"

     Elephant! Yes, this is a piece of the boy’s favorite toy ever… his activity gym (which I would recommend to anyone). He can be under this thing for hours and be completely contented with the jingles, colors, and fun toys. This elephant is a life saver some times. It occupies him even when Mommy needs to get dressed, when she putting on her shoes, and sometimes just so she can have a moment to breathe. Oh, how I love this elephant and all his friends that found their home on my boy’s activity gym. {Smile}

Day 2: Pattern

     I realized I have picked up a new a new pattern in my week… walking! I love it. It gives me time to get some physical activity and enjoy my time with my son and friends. I hope I can continue this pattern in my life for a long time to come and one day I want to later incorporate some jogging into it one day.

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