where do i even begin…

– It has been about two and a half months since my last blog.

– Peyton is almost six months old.

– I have lost almost 40lbs since I started Weight Watchers back in January.

– Time is of the essence, Peyton has found a new sleeping arrangement that involves him in bed with us and I have limited time to write, but I feel it is almost pertinent that I blog a little something because it has been so long.

– I have become a member of the MOMS Club of Antioch. It is a great resource for mothers and I would highly recommend it for all you mommies out there. If you are interested in further information about meeting and membership feel free to email me at stephanie03242012@gmail.com.

– It’s official! I am a book club member and I am in the process of getting a library card. I do have to admit I am kind of excited about this. I know it’s silly, and I feel so “out dated” since I don’t have a kindle or iPad or something that I can read on and I am now resorting to a library card. Oh, who the hell cares! I am excited… you technically savvy people can’t ruin this for me.

– My “onderland” goal lately has been lost among the battlefield I like to call “mommyhood”. I am in desperate need of wading through all the crap and discovering my determination and dedication again.

– Over all… the past two and a half months have been amazing. I love being with my son and my husband. I love enjoying their personalities and making memories with them. I look forward to so much more and I am going to really start including some of that in the blog here.


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