Who you gonna vote for?

     Ok, I am a part of the MOMS Club of Antioch. It is a wonderful organization that I would recommend any mother to participate in, and there are so many MOMS Club chapters that you would be able to find one close and convenient for you and your little one. My chapter has elections coming up for their executive board. The executive board includes the President, Administrative Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. These positions essentially help make the club function.

     The reason why I even bother bringing this up is because I am running for a position. With the election quickly approaching, I am starting to get kind of excited about the position (if I get elected in of course). I keep thinking how much fun it will be. I know it will be more responsibility, but it should also be a little more fun too.

     It kind of reminds me of school in a sense. Not that it will involve homework or anything, but that it will involve responsibilities that I will enjoy being responsible for… if that makes any sense. For one, these women are fantastic and I can learn SO much from them, but the other great aspect of this position is going to be spending time with our children. We have the special occasion to plan events and outings that are fun and can be educational for our kids. It gets them active, social, and maybe even a little more ready for school and organized sports/activities.

     Its something simple, but it’s something that makes me excited and happy. Fun for everyone right? I certainly hope so! So… who are you gonna vote for?


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