Let’s start fresh

It’s been quite frankly way too long since my last post, so instead of me stressing over how much ground there is to cover I am gonna just skip it. Yes, a lot has happened. No, I am not going to leave all of it out, but for the time being I am going to just start over and go from there.

We moved prior to the Jellybean’s arrival. Since the move it has been glorious living on our own. Bubba has plenty of room to roam and I think he feels like he owns the place (which is exactly what Mr. G and I wanted anyways). Sharing a home with family is great, but it’s far better when you can be on your own.

The reason why I even bring this up is because when Jellybean arrived (it’s been 6 weeks now and there will be a birth story on the way I promise) we were talking about our future house. Right now renting is a great option to see what we like, what we don’t like, and essentially where we want to be permanently. What we have decided in that aspect is that we will probably be looking outside of California for this. We do love CA, but we are inclined to look elsewhere due to location (we want to be close to Mr. G’s work and anything within a 30 min drive from that is a miserable little place), housing prices (you really get what you pay for), schools and quality of education (unless you are willing to pay for private or go the religious route, it’s a shame how bad schools are in this area). With that being said we are browsing transfer and career growth options for good ol’ hubby.

Aside from that we are enjoying our freedom and loving our boys. Bubba is loving on his new brother like always. Jellybean is growing like a weed! I swear that he is double Bubba’s size when he was this age. They are quite the tag team. One goes down for a nap and the other wakes and vice-versa. It makes for one exhausted Momma G, but I expected nothing less.

Life as a Stay-At-Home-Mom isn’t always peaches and cream, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Which reminds me, Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Any plans that you are aware of? Are you being celebrated or are you celebrating another mother? What was your favorite Mother’s Day and why?

Have a good day and I will touch base with y’all later.


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