I am first and foremost a Mom

This past week has really tried my patience. I have two little boys that challenge me on a daily basis and I love it, but this week was rough. The combination of Peyton teething (I think we are getting more molars folks) and Preston getting more vocal or being alert for longer periods of time; I have had little to no time to do anything productive. I normally try to be a positive person, saying, “things will get better tomorrow,” or, “it won’t always be this way,” and even, “one day you will actually miss this”… This week proved to be opposite that in every way.

During one of my bad days I had the opportunity to stop and think (granted I was wedged between two napping children, so literally all I could do was think). I stressed over how I think I could do this. I pondered the famous, “what were you thinking,” and, “you really want more children?” Then a little hand grabbed mine and wrapped it around his little body pulled my palm to his face and snuggled right into it. Right then and there my stress dissipated. I realized for the rest of my life I will first and foremost be Mom and I am so blessed to have that title.

I thought about all those moments when I have two children simultaneously screaming at me. When I have one child breast feeding and the other throwing a tantrum over an apple sauce. When I have two children with blowout diapers and I have to pick which one is the first to tackle. All those moments are worth it. I knew when I became a mom that it wasn’t going to be easy. I also knew that it was going to be a lifetime of playing personal chef, doctor, laundromat, maid, chauffeur, tutor/teacher, therapist, truancy officer, etc. and that was a job description I was thrilled to juggle. It was moments like this when I have two sleeping children in my lap one passed out with a sleepy grin and the other snuggling up to my hand, I just know that I made the right decision. The quiet beautiful moments not only offset the loud chaos, but they prove to make the chaos a beautiful sight to see. The loud singing in babble makes my heart sing. Every boo-boo where he runs to my arms in tears so I can kiss it and make it alright gives my life purpose.

Being a Stay-At-Home-Mom is the best career choice for me. I know one day my career my veer into something far more “professional”, but forever my title will read Mother. And despite the tantrums, screams, throwing of blocks, food in the hair, and so much more… I am so blessed to be their mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there.


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