Jellybean’s Birth Story

As many of you know, I was so anxious for Jellybean’s arrival that I had a few false alarms. I kept thinking he was about to arrive any day now, and sure enough 2 days prior to my induction day he played one last trick on me. I guess he wanted to have one more hoorah before he made his appearance.


The day of the actual induction was March 26th. They told me that the induction time was at 9am, and to call 2 hours before that so I would be able to confirm a bed with my name on it. So, I called at 9pm the night before to confirm that I could eat before coming in and make sure that I should call 2 hours before. The nurse was very informative and urged me to call about 6:30am so I could catch the nurses before the shift change when chaos would ensue.


That whole night I was restless. I couldn’t sleep one bit. I was excited, nervous, scared, anxious AND completely uncomfortable. He was putting so much pressure on my pelvis. It didn’t matter what position I was in, it was pressure and pain. 4:00am rolled around and I was wide awake and ready to get up and get going. Mr. G started to wake up some, so I took the opportunity to tell him it was time to start getting dressed, fed, get Bubba ready too (we would be taking him to my folks house to hang out with Grandpa while I was getting labor up and going). He was so sweet. He quickly obliged and helped me get the diaper bag ready. Our final touches for our toiletry bag, and was trying to calm me so I wasn’t all fired up when we got on the road. At 5:30am is when we woke the sleeping wonder, Bubba. He had slept with us that night so we could attempt to sleep through the night without having him wake in a firey mood because he lost his binky in the crib. Bubba slowly rubbed out the sleep from his eyes as we fed him his normal breakfast. We got him changed, dressed, and by that time it was time to hit the road (about 6/620am).


When we were on the road all we could talk about was how excited to meet him. We pondered who he might resemble. We even sat and discussed Bubba’s potential reaction to their first meeting. We also thought how things would change. We talked about how Bubba wouldn’t be an “only child” anymore and how despite that fact he would still get attention from each of us and still feel so greatly loved. As excited as we were to welcome this new joy into our lives and family, it was bitter sweet because we would be sharing attention between two now. It was an odd feeling that didn’t last long because it was time to call the hospital and check in.


“Labor and Delivery this is _________.”

“Hello, My name is Momma G, I am scheduled to be induced today and they told me to call two hours before coming in.”

“Ok, let me pull up your information here…”


“I need to check with _________ to see if we have a room for you and will be right back.”

*Lame elevator/caller-on-hold music*

Different Nurse – “Momma G?”

“Yes, I’m here.”

“Can we have you call back in about two hours. We don’t have a room for you at this time.”


That is pretty much how each call went that day. I would call every two hours and they would assure me that I would be in to be induced that day… sometime… but they just didn’t have a room ready for me yet. After dropping Bubba off at my folk’s house and getting him settled we did anything and everything to keep my mind off of the waiting. We talked, watched tv, took a drive, played with Bubba, etc. Eventually 12pm came and the nurse this time said that she would call me by 1pm to let me know when to come in because a few women were going to be moved and they would finally have a room for me.


This is when my Mom and Mr. G suggested we get some food so we could eat just in case they called and we had to go in. My typical meal prior to labor has been a cobb salad for some reason. I think it’s because it’s good and light on the stomach. I ordered this cobb salad from Mimi’s and we were on our way to get it when we hit Highway 4 and we get THE call.


“Momma G?”

“Yes, this is she.”

“This is ________ from Walnut Creek Labor and Delivery.”

“Hello, how’s it going?”

“Its finally time. Are you ready?”

“Oh yes! We are ready”

“Well, come on over. When do you think you can be here?”

“Aweseome! We can make it there in about 45 minutes.”


And then it felt like the party finally got started. We grabbed the food from Mimi’s. We went to pick up the last few things we left at my folks house. Said our “see you laters” to the “only child” Bubba and told him we would see him in a few days and he would be a Big Brother!


As much as my heart was a flutter with excitement as we drove to the hospital, it sank a little thinking about how Bubba would be able to handle the new addition to our family. Will he think we love him less? Will he feel left out? Will it totally rock his world in a bad way? Oh the nerves… and then we arrived.


We made it to the Labor and Delivery Floor. I got situated while Mr. G got a sandwich for himself and parked the car. I got all settled with admitting and sat in the “induction” room waiting for our “real” room to get ready. Before you know it, it was 3p and they started me on the little pill that is supposed to help thin your cervix. It also starts contractions (although I was already having mini-contractions on my own… I was very proud of that at the time for some reason).


Soon enough I was in my room and they decided that the little pill wasn’t working as well as they would have liked… so they started with the foley bulb. That was lead in to SUPER PAIN. At that point I was asking for any kind of pain medication they were willing to give me. Contractions were hitting me like a semi truck. The nurse was reluctant to give me an epidural because I wasn’t more than 1.5cm dilated, so they got me on fentanyl. Luckily there was a nurses shift change and the next nurse said, “If you need it… you need it.” So, when they got the anesthesiologist in there (who was AMAZING) she got it DONE. It was far different from my labor with Bubba. With Bubba, the anesthesiologist took four tries to get in, this time it was one and done. And it was almost INSTANT relief.


Hours later I got to 3cm, and that was when the foley bulb fell out (thank god) and I was put on pitocin. Then a few hours later I was to 5cm. Then nothing… for several hours nothing. No progress. They even took me off the pitocin to make sure I was able to maintain contractions without the meds, which I was… but still nothing. This was when the doc came in and I got nervous. She started to tell me that we may be able to get to 10cm, but as it was right now I had been at 5cm for about six hours and Jellybean’s head was starting to swell. Their concern was that he was going to be too large (he was projected to be +9lbs) to go to the full 10cm, and even if he got there would his shoulders fit through. Then she went on to describe the health concerns of what would have to happen if the shoulders didn’t fit (risks for both the baby and myself). She said I was welcome to wait another 2 hours or so to see if anything happened, but that right now with the way things sat the OR was prepped and ready to deliver my baby c-section. She said there is a chance that I could deliver him fine vaginally, but with each passing hour and no progress the more possible harm and stress it could cause Jellybean.


I was essentially faced with the biggest decision of my life. Do I risk the health and life of my child because I want a vaginal delivery? Do I wait it out and have the OR possibly busy or have to have a rushed (and possibly sloppy) c-section because his heart rate falls? Obviously, I went with, “NO,” because I have a beautiful baby boy… but with tears in my eyes and what felt like a boulder in my throat, I said lets do the c-section. And I never looked back…


When I was in the OR, they pumped me with the good drugs. The stuff that makes you literally not feel ANYTHING. I was thankful though, I didn’t want to feel anything. I was surprised I didn’t pass out to be honest. In the first 20 minutes or so they were getting me set up. They were chit-chatting about random things. I think a topic of conversation was vacation and the purchase of real estate. To be honest I don’t remember that part too much. They asked me if I wanted music, but that was all I can remember for sure. I was so focused on breathing deep, calm breaths. I wanted to make sure he didn’t go into distress because I was freaking out, and I wanted to make sure that I didn’t freak out, pass out, and miss the birth of my baby.


When they were done testing out how numb I was and they had everything prepped to go, Mr. G was finally allowed in the room. The second he was by my side I felt much more at ease. He rubbed my arms and my forehead. It was nice to have him with me. I don’t know how many minutes went by after that, but shortly after they got started I heard the strongest cry ever. Jellybean had arrived. He was here and I was happy. I cried. It was beautiful. Now, I leave you with some photos.

This was the night of the 26th. Mr. G was SO tired that when he tried to set up his bed he didn’t realize he had to pull out the bottom part of the couch and it caved in when he went to lay on it. We got a really good laugh out of it.

His grand entrance!

Proud Dad cutting the cord.

Big BOY! 9lbs, 13oz. 21 inches long. Born at 7:11pm on March 27th.

Our Jellybean!

Finally some MOMMY time!

Kisses from the big brother, Bubba. (He took a while to even want to be next to Jellybean. But, brotherly love made a sucker out of him.)


I would like to add that I had some amazing doctors and nurses. They by far made the experience a great one for me. As much as I wish I could have had a vaginal delivery, because of the other concerns I wouldn’t have had his delivery any other way. Thank you Walnut Creek Labor and Delivery. As long as I am in the area I will have all my babies at your hospital.


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