And They Will Never Know

Today I was at home, with the boys… you know, same ol’, same’ol. A million smiles, a few giggles, and your standard handful of tantrums. It just made me realize how much every tantrum, every argument, and every non-existent nap time I will always have some level of appreciation for my children’s attitude. Yes, sometimes I complain about how I wish they would be obedient and listen. Well… in a way I am SO glad they have that… fire.

And it happens to the best of us.

No, my kids are far from perfect, but man they have spunk. It’s something I think people lose over the years. They know what they want (whether it’s good for them or not is a different story) and they go for it. They don’t care what you think, what neighbors think, what Costco shoppers think. They just express exactly what they are feeling in the moment. In a way I truly admire that.


I am not at all encouraging tantrums or child freedom. {Hehe… child freedom… kinda weird to refer to it like that.} I certainly don’t suggest letting your kid run a muck or allow you to endanger them by neglecting them. I just think it’s refreshing in a sense to see little people in their purest form being exactly who they are meant to be. They aren’t the least bit deterred by peer pressure or changed by propaganda (although parental influence factors in eventually). I hope they never lose that gumption. I just love seeing my little ones in their element fighting to be themselves.


Yes, my kid throws a tantrum before I can get him to nap. He pretty much throws a tantrum for anything he doesn’t want to do now a days… I blame toddler-hood. In the moment I can’t stand it when he doesn’t want to eat the food I prepared or refuses to drink out of his sippy cup and insists to use a “big boy” cup (A.K.A. a regular cup). But, I am glad he is independent. I am glad he wants to be a “big boy”. I am glad he tries to make his own decisions. Even if it takes negotiation and persuasion to get him to eat his veggies, I feel reassured that my son will one day be able to make the decision to eat his vegetables on his own… and WANT to do it.


I just know there will come a day when things will change. When he will want to do things because his friends think it’s cool or because he saw that commercial. I just relish in the thought that he will hopefully be the kind of kid the becomes a man who knows what he wants despite what is “cool”. I want him to be his own man and be very proud of that.


Now, until he becomes that man… he will never know that I am proud of his tantrums and constant attitude. Until then, I will continue to guide him and be the mother he needs me to be. I will discipline him when he needs it and celebrate him when he is successful. Then after every day when all the tantrums, attitude, and spunk have been safely tucked into bed, I will silently smile and think proudly, “That’s my boy.”

My boys… both of them spunky as hell. Just like their momma. 🙂


We have a winner… or so we hope.

My last post was about our house hunting adventure. Well… after a month? Is that right? Goodness… less than a month!?!? We finally have one on the hook. It is a sweet little yellow house in Riverbank. Most people are like, “Riverbank? Where is that?” Well, I am proud to say it is in California. We are hoping and praying that we won’t have to leave the state for our home. Riverbank is a charming little town in the Valley. It’s north of Modesto and east of Manteca. It’s perfect for Mr. G’s commute and its affordable for our little family. They have a close community, great parks, and a lot of promise.


Now, I am not going to get to excited because it very well could not come to fruition. We will just have to see what happens. I just can’t wait to see how things unfold for us.

“Shhhhhh… be vewy, vewy quiet I’m hunting houses.”

Ok, so I am not Elmer Fudd, and I am not hunting “wabbits”, but I am hunting for houses. Yep, you heard right, Mr. G and I are looking to take the big leap for a home. We need it not only for ourselves, but for our kiddo’s and our wawa’s (or dogs as you normal people may call them). We have been on a moving hiatus for about the past five years. We did it to ourselves… this I know… but it’s about time it stops. We want roots. No more packing. No more moving. No more concern about where our lives will take off. It is our time now to dive right in to a home of our own. Something that we can make ever lasting memories in. Somewhere I can point out to our kids in 10 years time to say how they lost their first tooth here, or drew on the wall there. I want that for them… for me… for us.

I know everyone feels that one day they will be able to settle down somewhere and make their lives there. Some people relish in the thought of travel and moving and being forever mobile… not me. I am the kind of person who wants to make a life somewhere I can make friends that I will have for more than six months. I want to be able to have a small garden to teach my kids how things grow and personal responsibility and pride in their home.


I know a lot of people may take offense to this and think… “I live in an apartment and I take just as much pride in that home as I would any home I would OWN…” and they are completely right. To me it’s not about apartment vs. house. To me it’s about space. To me its about flexibility. Even though I am not much of a “green thumb” or yard kind of person… I want to be able to cut my own grass. I want to make my own rules instead of worry about what the landlord will say. I hate that our dogs can’t go out and roam (I realize this is more for public safety as well as the safety of the pet). I hate that my son can’t play safely on a grassy area (or yard). Some people specifically choose to have an apartment or rent a house so they are allowed to have someone else be responsible for the grass, parking, noise levels, etc. I want something different. It’s not better, just different.


So, we found ourselves an awesome and understanding Realtor. We are pre-approved for a loan. We are going through the motions so that we can hopefully accomplish our goal some day (hopefully soon). If we don’t, that’s ok… it’s all a matter of time (it’s not so much and “if we can…” it more of a “when we can…”. We are just on the hunt to bag ourselves the biggest, baddest house out there. I will let you know when we’ve caught it.

Our motto until the “one” comes along. 🙂