Purposes of a Blog

Its been a long time since I have blogged. I guess things have just been kind of busy and “ehhhhh” lately. With Peyton’s 2nd birthday and Thanksgiving recently behind us, it has been a very busy November. With Christmas and New Years right around the corner Christmas will be no exception. This has lead me to think about my writing. I should have plenty of reasons to write, but yet there have been no posts. I could write a never ending novel on just the past few main events in my life, but yet I feel like it is just life and life can be utterly boring. I wish I could make things interesting and the most interesting thing that I could think of was what I have been enjoying most lately… cooking.

Since, I haven’t written anything in a long while I haven’t updated you all to tell you that I have created a cooking club. It has this fun, cute name too… the “Gab & Grub Cooking Club”. It is a recipe exchange and cooking club for people who enjoy cooking and trying or testing out new recipes.

I created this club because as a wife of a man who doesn’t understand the concept of vegetables and is pretty much the definition of “meat and potatoes” kind of guy; and the mother of two terribly picky boys… I had to do something! I was being smothered by regular and bland food. I was getting so tired of grilled or breaded chicken and frozen vegetables. I kept thinking that maybe, if I find a group of people who have encountered similar circumstances that we could meet once a month (pot-luck style) and share fun, interesting, and ultimately yummy food that I can share at home that would be exactly what I needed. Well, I looked… I checked Facebook, I scoured Meet-Up, I even asked my MOMS club about it, but nothing really fit what I was looking for. Each place I looked had something like it, but it just wasn’t “IT”. So I got creative and created “IT”.

We have had one meet up and so far it’s a hit. I am really enjoying myself and the ladies in the group. They are fun, spunky, they introduce me to so many wonderful new things, and they allow me to be me. As much as I love being mom, sometimes it’s nice to have a break.

For the purposes of the meet up’s, we have limited the number of possible members. We don’t want SO many people that we have to make food for 20 people, plus we don’t want to have to rent out a space every time we meet up either. It would just get expensive fast, and we want to make this enjoyable, not stressful. But, I have been encountering the common question… “Oh I have this friend… can they be in the club?” I am totally for new people. I love new insights, preferences, and ideas. That person could think of foods or flavors and introduce us to them that I wouldn’t have even known existed! It doesn’t make for much fun if everyone is the same. But, what I do want to be the same as everyone else is their level of commitment.

People are a lot less interested when I mention the “commitment” you would think we are all 19-year-old single dudes. LOL! But, there are the scarce few who take it seriously and are in. I am not asking that everyone make every single meet up, but for it only being once a month it’s not a huge commitment. Even with kids in sports, school, and other activities, I would think that one Saturday night a month would be manageable. Even then, I know the occasional meet up you might not be available, but for like 10 out of 12 months… it should be doable, right? Am I wrong? Am I expecting too much? I will need more insight on this one I guess.

At any rate, I am super excited for our club and our meet ups. Maybe if I get so much interest I will have two; one for the valley and one for the bay area. Right now, the one is perfect for me and I am thoroughly enjoying the people I have been meeting. I will have to let you know what more fun we get into here in the future.

Now, back to the purposes of this blog. I have been thinking about changing the purpose of my blog. Instead of committing it to the never ending ramblings of an exhausted mother of two, I would focus it more on recipe reviews, cooking club activities, and more in the cooking realm. I thought that would give me more to discuss that would be fun for me to discuss. What are your thoughts? Do you have any interest in reading about my cooking ventures? I realize that I am an amateur at best, but if it is something that I can pull off that would be more fun for me. You would occasionally get the momma ramblings, but it would have a different focus.

Well… if anyone is reading maybe I will hear from you. If not, I will make up my mind by the beginning of next week. Have a great weekend!


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