Blank Canvas

We have all done it. You know, that moment when you are standing there in your underwear, staring blankly ahead of you. Your bored or hungry and all you see, if anything, is empty shelves and naked drawers. I am talking about your fridge, your EMPTY fridge.

This photo by Peter Dazeley sums up the struggle perfectly.

My fridge has been bare for a few days now. Its been littered with a practically empty gallon of milk, one apple sauce, and the remnants of a dozen eggs. The old me would have looked upon this sight in despair and hopelessness. The new me looks at this as an opportunity.

I now see an empty fridge as my blank canvas. You can fill it to the brim with all the fun flavors of the week. You can keep things simple and go with the bare necessities. Or you can focus it solely on vegan foods. Whatever you fill your fridge with, it tells so much about you. So until about 6:40p we were minimalists. We had water, air, just enough to survive.

After our long overdue affair with Wal-Mart and Costco, we are now semi-equipped to “food-on” with life. What can you tell by the looks of our fridge? Well, the knee-high finger prints are a dead “parent” give-away, but if that wasn’t enough for you the second you see our ice cube trays of baby food and plethora of ketchup you will be damn certain. But, when you are about to completely write us off as tasteless parents who will forever be in the world of boxed Mac-N-Cheese, frozen corn dogs, and gallons and gallons of milk… you are pleasantly surprised at our cheese drawer. At least 6 different cheeses and not all of them cheddar.

I find that as a cook new to the game, it will always be a struggle to find a nice balance between the same ol’ grilled cheese for the kids and my beautiful roast or bangin’ enchiladas. Do I give in to the stubbornness of a child’s diet? NO! Do I resign myself and my family to simple easy to make meals out of a box? NEVER! I keep trucking along trying anything and everything to vary up our diet and cling to what cheeses I have left.


*** Please forgive the randomness of this post. I am tired from grocery shopping.***


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