Food For The Masses

With the holidays around there are about a million parties to go to. It made me really think about food for large parties. We have all done birthday parties and baby showers and bridal showers and I can go on and on. When you are having a large party what do you serve? I am really asking!

In the past I have thought about what would be easiest or most cost-effective. Things always end up changing based off what you serve. How many side dishes? What condiments? You know, all the little things. I have made a nacho bar, we have done pulled pork, you name it. (Both the nacho bar and the pulled pork sandwiches were a hit, but due to circumstances, I won’t be able to repeat that for my next event.) But, what do you do for your larger parties? Do you resort to catering? What if anything is home-made?

The Munchkin will be celebrating his first year of life in March 2015. I am so excited to celebrate with him and make a big deal out of it all. At some point we will even be with my So. Cal family to celebrate too. Since we will be mobile, it makes for a challenging thing to prep for. We will only be there one day before party time, so it begs the question what do you serve or set up for food? Do we “cater” with pizza or sandwiches? Do we resort to cooking ourselves with hamburgers and hot dogs?

Pizza -vs- Burgers

We need something easy and painless for prep time. I won’t have days to work on things before we get there, and I won’t have the space to travel with food (nor would I ever want to). And my family can reach some relatively high numbers… like 50 people, EASY.

So, I doubt that we will host this kind of crowd, but I am sure the tequila bottle may make an appearance at some point, but hopefully not in the hands of the entertainment (i.e. Elmo). LOL!

I don’t want so many leftovers that I will feel like I have wasted the money and food. I suppose after our visit we can always donate to a local homeless shelter or something, but I would really hope that I don’t have that much food. Then you wonder, what it an easy thing that would satisfy the wide variety of picky eaters? Something that is versatile for vegetarians and guests can “doctor” to suit people who are watching their diet (either healthy eating or allergy concerns). Then, the question of sides. Obviously you want to try to avoid anything made with mayo since it will likely be non-refrigerated for a few hours (I am looking for a local park to host it). We will have the traditional cake, of course. Oh, I just need tips!

What have you made in the past that has worked for large parties or what have you ordered? Share your experiences good or bad, I can use the advise.


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