Bad Mommy Day

This morning has been hard. Yelling, screaming, crying, and this is all from me and not from the boys (although they have had their fair share of whining and fussing). Today is deemed “Bad Mommy Day”. I mentioned that this blog would be littered with the occasional “life” topic and will have nothing to do with cooking. Well, this is one of those posts.

I have found myself breaking down on a few occasions just this morning. The toddler was being mean to the munchkin. The munchkin can never seem to be satisfied. The toddler won’t eat his breakfast. The munchkin is napped, fed, and changed and still upset. The real issue is none of that though. The real problem is that I am tired. I am tired and cranky. The problem is ME.

Every now and then I have a day where no matter what everything is irritating and frustrating. It has nothing really to do with the kids. They are just being kids. They can’t help if they are tired, bored, hungry… but my pissy attitude dominates the day and runs me ragged. I am not going to lie, sometimes I need these days to put things in perspective. By, “put things in perspective,” I mean that it makes me understand that today is a really bad day and most of my days are really good days. Despite the kids fussiness or whining, that each day is a good day because I am better. I am a better mom those days. I am a better person those days.

Today I am lacking in a number of ways, but the one most prevalent quality I am lacking in is patience. It seems as though that my level of patience is directly related to the quality of sleep I get. Poor sleep quality = No patience. I normally pride myself in my level of patience with my children. One is screaming, the other a tantrum; I can handle it. Not today. My patience is on super low, so one kid just taking a toy from the other is not going to fly.

What do you do to “readjust”? Please tell me I am not the only one who had days when I am a super crappy mom. How do you find the patience when you feel like you have nothing left? Help!!! I am being man handled by two children. One is feisty toddler and the other an army crawl master with a mean bite.


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