When I woke up…

There is a rare occasion when Mr. G has a wild and crazy work schedule. By, “wild and crazy” what I really mean is his week is split in half. Thankfully he is one of the rare few who gets to only work 4, 10-hour days. It makes for amazingly long 3 day weekends, EVERY WEEKEND. (Yes, I am spoiled, and I love it.) But weeks like this week, he is off for one day in the middle of his week which means he (and I) can enjoy that random one day, and then have to suck it up for a plain ol’, regular “Joe”, 2-day weekend.

This week I must admit, I am so happy that his work week is all “floopy” (a beautiful word from one of my favorite FRIENDS characters, take a wild guess who that is…) because I have not slept. Between Toddler’s midnight waking and the teething nightmares of the Munchkin, I have not slept well at all. I am hoping that will improve after the New Year (we are transitioning Toddler to his very own “big boy” bed, i.e. the twin). None the less, I was relieved when Toddler woke at 4:30ish (yeah, that’s am) and Mr. G got him and took him into our guest room to sleep. That left me to sleep till about 6:05am with the Munchkin, which is really not sleeping… it’s more like wrestling for a spot on the bed. Who knew that a 20lb little dude could dominate a whole king size bed, and most of the sheets?!?!? But, the big kicker, and huge special treat for me, was even after the Munchkin woke at 6, Mr. G rescued me from his fussiness so I could sleep some more! Then I got to sleep an extra hour and a half… HOUR AND A HALF!!! I feel like a new person.

Did I mention, that I have the greatest husband in the world?!?!? He lets me sleep in, and when I woke up… I woke up to:

The Munchkin gets scared and cries at Mr. G’s crazy face.

Baby Smiles!!!


Selfies!!! If you know Mr. G, which after 8 years of being in a relationship with this man, you know that this doesn’t happen often. Plus, with the Toddler around you can rarely ever get a good picture. But, it was so sweet to wake up to pictures of my boys. I also woke up to:

The results of my EXPERIMENT!!!

Left overs!!! I told you I would update you and here it is: YUM! I made it with pork (since I didn’t have the beef on hand) and used the chicken broth instead and it was so good. The meat was tender and moist. The veggies were the perfect consistency and not too mushy. The gravy… my favorite part:

OMG! I am gonna have some of that for lunch. Oh yeah!

It was flavorful and smooth, not lumpy or too thin. It was so good. I think because I used a few less potatoes and carrots this time around it was a little better. I also cooked it for about 6 hours, so the flavor was super intense. I think next time I might use a more mild seasoning, when I used the steak seasoning (the only thing I had at the time) it gave the pork a bit of a kick (i.e. made it a little caliente or spicy). With pork I notice it is a very impressionable meat. (HAHAHAHAHAHA, like it’s a person.) It takes on what ever flavor you cook it with rather easily, whereas beef is a touch more stubborn and requires more coaxing before you can flavor that bad boy. But, it was an awesome dinner and to wake up to more leftovers, I was in heaven.

I was also able to wake up to a hot shower…

And I thought people were just joking, but it’s so true!

And I did have to bathe the Munchkin, but I did get a solid 10-minutes to myself. It was quite nice and relaxing. Most of my showers involve both kiddos and a lot of, “Don’t touch that,” or “*loud thud* OWIEEEEE! Don’t drop the shampoo on Mommy’s feet on purpose,” or even worse, “Did you go poo-poo? You know you need to tell mommy BEFORE you get in the shower”. Oh the joys of bathing the kiddos. Today was just a wonderful morning gifted to me by Mr. G or SUPER HUBBY, as I like to call him.

How was your morning? Any fun activities? Get a kid free shower? How about a kid free coffee? No? Well did you get any coffee? I hope so, I have known some people without their coffee and lets just say, we are not on speaking terms anymore. HAHAHA! Well, have a great Friday and wonderful weekend. Stay dry and safe to all my Californians out there. And I wish you a 10-15 minute kid free shower!


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