The smell is intoxicating. You don’t have to do anything to it or make it fancy, but just enjoy. The sparkle and shine, dust gone, freshly laundered bedding, the “whole nine”. A clean house can have the same euphoric effects of marijuana (I would imagine, I have never tried it myself nor do I really have the desire to try it). You are instantly relaxed and at ease. No need to worry about the every day hustle of chores or errands because they are all done already.

This was me about a week ago. “Ignorance is bliss,” was my motto, but even that can only last so long.

Yesterday was my mad cleaning day. It took me all day, but this house it clean. I am ashamed to say that it had been almost a full month since the last time I was able to offer this house a thorough “Momma G” cleaning. (Mr. C does “Mr. G” cleaning, which is comparative to tidying up, but not really cleaning.) My day after cleaning is always wonderful. You get to wake up to a clean lemony scent, no dirty laundry or dishes, toys are off the floor and put away… then the kiddos enter. Life becomes the uphill battle that it was before the cleaning took place. Toys immediately litter your freshly cleaned floors. Graham cracker crumbs are sprinkled in a trail leading you to the offending Toddler.

The image in my head alone makes me sad. But, oh god, I love Oreos!

I have to admit without my babies, life would be so very different in a “not-so-good” way, but I would have a cleaner house. The only reason why I even mention this today is because this is Mr. G’s Friday. Tomorrow we will be out of the house running around and visiting family. What ever time I would have had to clean would have quickly gone out the window and I was getting so tired of trying to cook and be with the kids in the organizational disaster that my house became. I couldn’t find my measuring cups because Mr. G likes to give them to Munchkin to play with. Our kitchen counters were layered with cereal crumbs and mac-n-cheese pots. I needed a clean slate and after several hours, two fussy babies, and 2 loads of laundry later I had it.

I am looking forward to some yummy happening’s this week! I found all my measuring cups thank goodness. And even the tea/table-spoon measures miraculously turned up. It’s a good thing because I will be needing them next week. I have yummy Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Over Rice, and a The Best Chicken Ever recipes to share with you soon. I am just glad that I have my kitchen and house somewhat back to normal.

I would like to share an awesome blog with you today as well. She and her hubby (I didn’t realize that her hubby was in on it until I read up a little more on her blog a few months ago, but how cool is that) is known as Two Peas & Their Pod. She also has two little ones, so I have not the slightest idea how she is able to create with the kiddos in tow. They create these wonderfully flavorful meals and of course with the holidays around the corner we all love to get some yummy recipes and if not that, just some inspiration for our next recipe. Maria and Josh are very inventive and with almost every meal I have seen of theirs they have been pretty kiddo friendly (which, for me is a necessity). I and the kiddo especially love their Black Bean and Quinoa Enchilada Bake. But, I welcome you to check them out and if you love them like I love them, follow them on twitter too!

Well, on to the rest of my day. I hope you all have a great Sunday, and one thing to ponder. Anyone have a great (and healthy, i.e. Weight Watcher friendly and/or low in fat, calories, carbs, etc.) Christmas dessert recipe? I am not talking candy or muffins. I am talking cake, pie (not a cream pie please, something with substance), turnovers, trifle, etc. I am thinking something good. Any tips or suggestions on where I may find such a recipe is always welcome too.