Motherhood: The Good Stuff

Yesterday’s post was quite frankly, morose and sad. I didn’t mean to make it so pitiful. I have been debating deleting the post all together, but it wouldn’t be so fair to you all to do that. Yes, I have my moods like everyone else, but I should never let it become a “theme” in my blog. You all spend your valuable time reading and sometimes even commenting. How dare I make a mockery of that time to throw myself a monster pity party.

Yesterday’s post made me realize that as much as I can be so optimistic on some things, There are many times when I am not like that. I said that, “You never know how much or how little you like yourself until you hit motherhood.” While I still feel that is true, I feel like I only made the argument for why mothers wouldn’t like themselves, instead of stating the obvious wonderful things that motherhood teaches you. Here is my far more positive self giving you the good stuff.


a) …allows you to live life all over again. You get to see the beauty of life through the eyes of your child. You would think that since you have walked, talked, played, imagined, ate, etc. for decades before children you would think that it’s boring, but really its not. I love introducing new foods to my sons. Just watching them try new things, whether it’s welcomed with a, “yummy, give me more” face or a, “what kind of sh** is this MOM?!?!” face… it’s totally eye opening. Their first smile becomes your favorite movie that you just want to watch over and over and over again. When they discover music and dancing, a dance around the living room to his favorite song in Monsters University is the best concert/club you have ever been too. People always talk about looking for their “breath of fresh air” and that has always been my kiddos.

b) … gives you strength when you thought you had none. When a kiddo takes a tumble or a fall you become The Flash!

I knew that we should have moved the hose before we let them go play on the patio.

When we see blood you become Speed Racer on the freeway to the nearest Emergency Room. Sometimes it’s even before they are born that you see this strength. If you are diagnosed with preecclampsia or gestational diabetes or something that could be potentially wrong with the kiddo you get over that fear of needles, you change your diet, you do all the extra tests. When it comes down to delivery day and complications arise, you change your birth plan, you find the strength to push after 26 hours of labor, or you bravely face the c-section you didn’t want to have because chances of getting kiddo out of the whoo-ha without a 100% chance of safety is far slimmer than you had hoped.

He was a big boy and after 28 hours and a 15.25 inch head circumference later, we knew that the doc was right when she said having him c-section was the safest route to go. (The Munchkin born March 2014.)

You become a stronger woman before your eyes and the eyes of everyone around you.

c) …forces you to celebrate the little things. Your focus quickly goes from where the hottest night on the town for New Years will be to what awesome movies will we be watching on Netflix while you watch the 9 o’clock ball drop with the kiddos. You pick a move based on its “G” rating just so you can have a date with your little mister instead of watching the “R” rated thriller with the hubby.

They will always be the love of our lives.

You look forward to some of the most beautiful little moments in life instead of the grand gestures. You relish in the baby kisses and random hugs you can squeeze out of the little minions.

d) … makes you into the best at everything. You make the world’s greatest pancakes (that one belongs to my dad though). Your kisses can cure any boo-boo. You have become the artist of the century with your happy face sketches. Your are the coolest kid on the block and you don’t even know why. The fact that you have “boobs” and they feed little brother is amazing. It doesn’t matter what it is, but you are best at it and the coolest person because of it.

Motherhood has a bazillion perks and really as much as you have the many a moment of self criticism, over all it is the coolest thing to be a parent. Please forgive my previous post full of moodiness and negativity. I wish that you all never have the same moment of self pity and I hope you have a wonderful day.

What is your favorite part of being a Mom or a parent?

*** Tomorrow will be a day of baking so you will have a pleasant break from my mommy shenanigans. YAY! Back to food!


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