Spoiled Rotten

I am proud to say this post isn’t entirely about food, so don’t worry you won’t find any disgusting pictures of rotted tomatoes or moldy lettuce. When I say, “spoiled rotten” I am talking about my kids. You know, after the holidays they have more stuff then they know what to do with. Yeah… that’s them right now. I am sitting on my worn leather couch staring into the endless abyss of toys. Stuffed animals, blocks, teethers, musical instruments, etc. It’s all out and on my living room floor. Will I clean it up? Eventually… but right now I am also going to talk about how I was also spoiled rotten. Now, I have to admit when I walked into our family’s Christmas gathering I kinda thought that the kids would be spoiled beyond belief, but never did I think I too would be spoiled… and Mr. G too! It was pretty intense. Some of these gifts sat taller than I did. Let me explain…

We purchased a home like 6 months ago. Yep, our first home. Please, please… hold your applause. I know we are contributing to our states economy and all by purchasing housing here, but quite frankly California is ex-pen-sive. Aside from the fact that it’s on the coast, it really could be knocked down a peg or two on the “cool meter” and still live up to everyone’s expectations. I will admit I love it here and dreaded the thought of relocating to another state. So, when we found a beautiful, albeit slight fixer-upper, we jumped on the damn thing, It is kinda like that “rainbow unicorn” that I mentioned in my previous post… it just doesn’t exist. By the grace of God, we got the beautiful house we fell in love with and now we are in the process of fixing it up here and there.

Our gifts that I mentioned were literally taller than us (while sitting). That’s a big deal for an adult. Like get the kids gifts! Go nuts, but us? Really? We were just so blessed by the generosity of our family. The things that are super handy that we have on our house work belt is… a step ladder, a whole bag of super tools, a car tire gauge, hand shovels and gloves. It is a new home owners dream. We even got stuff non-house related.This is where it will tie in more to what I am going to be doing on here. I wanted used cookbooks. I don’t need new ones. If anyone has ever seen me cook they know why, and if you haven’t seen me cook you really don’t want to. I am a disaster. I have food all over me when I am done; in my hair, on my clothes, and all over the counters of my kitchen. I am a freakin’ tornado. One of my brothers got me some super awesome cookbooks… (I haven’t read them all the way through yet, but you can just tell by the covers of them.) ***Cue uncontrollable laughter***

I am so excited to cook from these you don’t even know.

I am so excited I can barely contain myself. Then, as my other part of the gift (as if these weren’t enough already) both of my bad ass brothers got me some clothes. I think they know me a little too well. First I can cook and then I can change my clothes after the cooking “magic” happens.

I am hoping to really start utilizing these books. From what I understand so far the Thug Kitchen cookbook is all fruits, veggies, no meat or cheeses. I am sure there is more to it than that, but that is what I have gathered from reading the first few pages. The Fifty Shades of Chicken just has ever dish labeled something dirty and a little raunchy. ***Commence school girl giggles*** Did I say how excited I am to use these?!?!?

Then the next item on the, “OMG I can’t believe I got so spoiled,” list was a Fitbit! I have decided that the Weight Watcher path is awesome for me and for others, but this doesn’t require a monthly membership fee. I am really excited to use it and see what kind of action I can see on the scale and on my body.

YAY!!! So ready to kick some major calories and lbs.

I am armed to lose weight and dangerous to all who want to f**k around in my kitchen. HAHAHAH! Next week we will be going grocery shopping, so until then I will be sticking with my regular Pinterest finds.

What did you do on your holiday? Did you celebrate anything in particular? Did you cook? I am sure you ate… what did you eat? Common, share something good.


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